German Roller Derby League starts in 2015. BCRD plays in the first division.


The first ever German Roller Derby League begins in 2015 and Bear City Roller Derby will be playing in the first division.
2014 was an eventful and auspicious year for Bear City Roller Derby: The A team, Berlin Bombshells sucessfully competed in international tournaments in the United States, the B and C teams also sucessfully competed with teams from Europe and Germany. We achieved our aim of giving players in three teams of different performance levels the opportunity to play at a national and international level
The coming year will also be very exciting as we look to the start of the German Roller Derby League. A total of 20 teams will compete in four divisions. Bear City Roller Derby will be up against Harbour Girls Hamburg, Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz, Cologne and Ruhr Roller Derby Girls.

More details can be found on the facebook page of Roller Derby Germany.
We are pleased that the interest in Roller Derby in the capital city is so great that there is now a second roller derby league in Berlin. The newly established Berlin Rollergirls of the Berlin e.V. TSC will also take part in the German Roller Derby League in 2015. We wish them and all other participating leagues much success, and of course: Merry Christmas and a great start to 2015!

You rock, we roll!

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