Georgia Hope


Derby Name: Georgia Hope
Derby Number: 78
What does your derby name mean to you? Home
Favorite Position: Blocker
How you found out about roller derby: The coach at my local rink continuously asked me until I finally joined.
Date you started with Jacksonville Roller Girls: 07/02/14
Favorite moment during a bout: When my teammates & I come together & get the work done.
Favorite moment during an after party: Chillin with my teammates, all of us on that derby high, talking derby…of course.
Favorite after party drink: ice cold Miller Lite & water – no lemon.
Favorite bout you played in: all of them
What are your favorite skates? Luigino Q4
What are your favorite wheels? mix of Atom Stroker & G-Rods…so far
Do you have a derby wife? Yes I do, Marvel, and she’s the Awesome-ist! <3 her!!
What should an opponent know about you? Not a thing. They’ll find out of the track.
What should your fans know about you? I have always loved skating. No matter what in life is happening, I am always free when on my skates. I hope everyone has something like that in their life. If you don’t, find it, it does the mind, body, & soul good.

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