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A monthly blog post where we see new skaters and MRD veterans exchange perspectives. The new skater will nominate next month’s interviewed newbie, and same goes for our vet.

Skully and Graham

Graham (left) with Skulldozer (right)


Graham Bryan

Skating since
March 2014

SkullDozer’s questions to you…

“How did you hear about roller derby and specifically MRD?”

My wife used to work with Missy Blitz and heard about it when she started. I used to skate a lot when I was teenager and was keen to find an excuse to legitimately skate in my thirties. So after she assured me there were plenty of men there we signed up as soon as we moved closer.

“What is your biggest challenge right now?”

Unfortunately that definitely has to be plough stops. It is now the last of my minimums I need before I can join in with the Rookie Monsters. Although I’d like to think I can get them ticked off next week that expectation really has no grounding in reality. Everyone has been great with the advice though.



Skating since
March 2010

And Graham’s questions to you…

“While training for your minimums was there any particular skill you struggled with? Do you have any tips for the current heroes that may be struggling with something (like me)?

The biggest thing I struggled with was laps! Bearing in mind back then it was 25 in 5, I’ve never been sporty and just didn’t have the stamina. In the end using big, deep crossovers along with a bit of extra training really helped me nail those laps. Practice going up and down stairs sideways off-skates two stairs at a time to build up the muscle memory for crossovers and do as much other training as you can – such as running and cycling to build stamina. With ploughs you really need to sit into it and get as low as possible, use your inside edges to really dig in through your heels. Practice wall sits and squats to build up thigh muscle.

“How long after starting training did you have your first bout and how ready for it did you feel?”

I started training in March 2010 and our first ever bout was October 2010 so that’s about 7 – 8 months. I didn’t feel ready at all, I only got my laps on the Wednesday before the game! I was absolutely terrified and couldn’t sleep for the whole week before the bout. However, I found on the day that once I had my skates on and was warming up I forgot the crowd was there and just got into it.

Visit same time next month, when we talk to new skater Sam Beer and Sui-Cider from MRD’s Furies.

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