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A monthly blog post where we see new skaters and MRD veterans exchange perspectives. The new skater will nominate next month’s interviewed newbie, and same goes for our vet.

Captain Malice (left) with Phil (right)

Captain Malice (left) with Phil (right)


Phil Cairns

Skating since
April 2014

Captain Malice’s questions to you…

“How did you find the culture of roller derby when you joined? Did any of the trends (derby wives, crushes, boutfits, makeup, etc) confuse you?”

I instantly realised how close knit the roller derby community is, but everyone is really happy to welcome new people into it. It’s easily the most inclusive sport I’ve ever been part of. I knew about roller derby as a sport before I joined and had the stereotypical ‘roller girl’ image and culture in my head as to what it was like. There’s some truth to that but it doesn’t take long to realise this sport is so much more diverse than that. There were definitely a few aspects that confused me though, I’m still not even sure what a derby wife is? Should I have/be one by now? I was confused by all the male leggings to begin with, I’m coming round to the idea now though…

“What are you looking forward to learning and doing as you progress your roller derby career?”

I’m feeling a bit more confident on my skates now and I’ve loved every minute of what I’ve learnt so far. What I’m really excited for now is to put the skills I’ve learnt in Heroes into practice in Rookie Monsters and scrimmages (once I’ve passed my rules test!) and start learning the tactics of the sport. My next big goal is to make it to team level, but for the time being I’m still just enjoying learning as much as I can from all the other amazing skaters in the league.


Captain Malice

Skating since
September 2011

And Phil’s questions to you…

“What’s been your biggest/proudest personal achievement since taking up the sport?”

My proudest personal moment? Knocking down Ugo Boss, twice, legally. I paid for it afterwards, but it was totally worth it.

“If you had to sell the sport to someone, how would you do it?”

Oh, that’s easy, I’d just tell them the truth. There’s nothing quite like it, it’s the only team game where you are on offence and defence at the same time, it’s a solid physical workout, great fun and you get to become part of the nicest cult in the world.

Visit same time next month, when we talk to Graham Bryan and Skulldozer from MRD’s Furies.

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