Fresh meat, old feet 2

A new monthly blog post where we see new skaters and MRD veterans exchange perspectives. The new skater will nominate next month’s interviewed newbie, and same goes for our vet.

Penny Pinch’er, left, and Meg, right, sharing the derby love!



Meg Keene

Skating since
January 2014

Penny’s questions to you…

“How did you find out about derby and MRD?”
My ex was really into roller derby and got me hooked about 3 years ago. When I moved up North I looked online for a place to start playing and found Manchester Roller Derby.

“What are you most looking forward to achieving in the world of derby?”
Mostly I’m just hoping to prove to myself that I can play derby even with my Tourettes.


Penny Pinch ‘er

Skating since
July 2011

And Meg��s questions to you…

“What impact has derby had on your life outside of the sport?”
It’s not an understatement to say my life is completely different compared with before I started skating. I have a lot less free time, as there’s more to derby than just turning up. I’m a lot more considerate of my fitness and do as much cross training as I can fit in, as well as helping out with bouts and pitching in with the PR for the league. It’s not all hard work though, because I also have more new friends than I can count!

“What has been your most memorable bout?”
There have been so many amazing moments, usually when all our practice pays off on track, but the bout that sticks in my mind the most is when we took a mixed A and B team over to Amsterdam. The whole experience of travelling together was brilliant, and we won!

Visit same time next month, when we talk to Phil Cairns and Chaos Engine’s Captain Malice.

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