Fresh Meat Chronicles: Malice in Wounderland

Ok…here it is,

Terror; thats all I felt the day I decided to FINALLY gear up and step out on the track as “Fresh Meat“. Not like horror movie “the killer is near” terror, but the kind you feel when you’re about to step completely out of your comfort zone and do something many others only wish they were bold enough to attempt.

Day 1 of practice I had no idea what I was walking in to. I also had no idea I’d be greeted by so many, eager to share their experience and knowledge. Gearing up for the first time felt a little ridiculous– I quickly realized, it’s completely necessary. If there is one thing I took away from my first day– and quite possibly the most important bit of Fresh Meat knowledge– it’s that you fall, a lot.

Everyday since the very first day, I’ve been told to live by two things when playing derby: 1) If you’re falling, you’re trying. and 2) “There is no sorry in derby.”

I’ll admit I was quite intimidated for a while going to practices, seeing what this AMAZING group of women can do. But more than that, I was inspired. Inspired to be tough, bold, and brilliant. Not only on the track, but in life. It also made me eager to learn more, keep showing up, keep improving.

For the first few practices, I told no one I knew that I was giving derby a try. I was nervous that it was going to be way too tough for me. It was tough, and still is, but I’m hooked. I couldn’t imagine life from here on out without derby; without the sweaty wrist guards, aching knees, and pretty sweet bruises. They’ve become a part of me.

With each sore day after practice, I become more proud of how far I’ve come, how hard I push for what I want. I walked in the first day thinking I was going to fail miserably with little support, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I received nothing but support, motivation, and the assurance that it’s OK to step out of my comfort zone. These girls aren’t just a team, they’re a family and a support system. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the encouragement and support I have received.

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