Franky Panky: Jacksonville Rips Gold Coast, 238-111


TAMPA, FLORIDA — The Franky Panky tournament opened with a rematch from the Clover Cup, as Jacksonville and Gold Coast took to the track. Jacksonville had won by 48 back in March, but dropped a considerably larger margin on their opponents this time. The first half saw Jacksonville march their score upwards despite solid Gold Coast defense; however, Gold Coast’s offense wasn’t quite up to the task, struggling to score many points outside of power jams. At half Jacksonville held a strong 105-42 lead and more than doubled it in the second half, winning 238-111.

The first jam of the first bout of the tournament started with Jacksonville veteran Nuke jamming against Gold Coast’s Bitchen’ N’Rollin. Both Nuke and Bitchen broke through a nearly stationary pack immediately, but a fast acting Jacksonville reabsorbed Bitchin’, buying Nuke enough time to score four points before Gold Coast could pick up more than two. Miley Virus brought back six more points on the next jam to expand their lead to 10-2. Gold Coast had difficulty scoring any points over the next seven jams. Despite picking up two leads, Gold Coast’s Tackle Me Elmo and Bitchen’ N’ Rollin’ only secured an additional four points, while Jacksonville’s deep jammer corps expanded their lead to 38. After 10 minutes the score was 38-6 in Jacksonville’s favor.

Gold Coast rallied their defense, and got another set of back to back leads from Tackle Me Elmo and Bitchen once again, closing the gap to 38-15. Thier rally was short lived, as a major forearm by Gold Coast rookie Holy Rolla sent her to the box for a minute. Jacksonville’s Crash Register took 8 points back to their bench, and Nuke got seven more as the power jam continued. With just 12 minutes left in the first half Jacksonville had expanded their lead back to 56-16, more than wiping out Gold Coast’s hard work.

Jacksonville’s Meow Mix Yo Face Off lined up against Tackle Me Elmo from Gold Coast, and a major penalty sent Meow quickly to the box. A 4-3 pack advantage for Gold Coast allowed them to get 13 points, closing the gap once again, this time to 56-29. The momentum continued to shift back and forth between Gold Coast and Jacksonville, for in the very next jam Jacksonville got a power jam and put up 20 points, and Nuke and Fancy Schmancy added 13 points between them, while Gold Coast’s mainstays Baller Shot Caller and Bitchin’ N’ Rollin hung close with 9 of their own. Jacksonville held a commanding, though not unassailable 96-38 lead.

The final two jams of the half both went the full two minutes with Jacksonville scoring 18, and Gold Coast only 4. As the half came to a close Jacksonville was up 105-42.

The second half started much as the first ended, with Jacksonville scoring handfuls of points to a meager few for Gold Coast. Over the next seven jams they expanded their lead to 134-54. Careful strategy and scoring was nearly undone, as a major track cut by Jacksonville’s Meow Mix Yo’ Face Up allowed Carnivorous Lix to score 17 points to close the gap back to 138-71. The next three jams saw both Jacksonville and Gold Coast equalize jams at 2-2, 4-4, and 0-0 for a score of 144-77 after ten minutes, and Gold Coast just out of striking distance.

Unfortunately for Gold Coast, Jacksonville’s Crash Register and Miley Virus expanded their lead by 8 and 15 points respectively over the course of a power jam, making the Jacksonville lead secure at 167-79 with just over 10 minutes left in the half. With about 5 minutes to play, a major forearm by Gold Coast’s Tackle Me Elmo allowed Miley Virus to score a massive 30 points to put the score at an unassailable 226-103. As the game ended, Jacksonville had pulled ahead to 238-111 for the first win of the tournament.

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