Franky Panky: Gulf Coast Romps Over South Florida, 242-91


TAMPA, FLORIDA — In the sole men’s game of Tampa’s Franky Panky weekend, Tampa Bay Men’s Gulf Coast Hurricanes faced off against South Florida Men’s Derby. Though South Florida held the lead initially, home team Gulf Coast reclaimed it quickly and held on to it for the rest of the game. By halftime they had expanded their lead to 113-42; second half chaos saw the score increase to 242-91 in Gulf Coast’s favor.

The game started off in South Florida’s favor, as they held a close 8-6 lead after the first three jams; however it was not to be for much longer, as Gulf Coast took the lead back with an 8-2 jam lead by Dragon Azz to set the score at 14-8. The first half was filled with no less than 25 jams, most lasting no more than 30 seconds as each side sought to grab small groupings of points before consolidating their gains. Gulf Coast continued to outscore South Florida in almost every jam, with highlights by Marco the Beast picking up 13, Dragon Azz 19, and Meatloaf 24 each in individual jams. By the end of the first half Gulf Coast led 113-42.

In the first half there was but a single power jam, but the second half saw an endless stream of them from both teams, with jammers switching places in the box multiple times in a single jam. Gulf Coast held a strong lead despite the chaos, up 188-60 with 15 minutes left in the game.

Stellar blocking by Gulf Coast’s Arbitrator, Chuck Taylor, and Huge Hefner kept things in control for their team, while Gulf Coast jammers Richard Envy, On Point, Defenestration Jones, and blocker Michael Bruce led their team’s offense through the second half. The confusion continued with Gulf Coast’s jammer cover flying off no less than three times, but it did not slow them down, and in the end their commanding lead was expanded to 151 points, giving them the win at 242-91.

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