DNN Archive - Franky Panky: Atlanta Bashes Tallahassee, 251-96

This post was originally featured at Derby News Network in September 2012.

TAMPA, FLORIDA — Jam for jam, the Atlanta RollerGirls (6SC WFTDA) had the best weekend at Franky Panky. Coming in off a huge 239-68 win over the New Jax City Rollers, against a team who had just suffered the weekend’s biggest outset (Tallahassee’s 156-165 loss to the Cape Fear Roller Girls), Atlanta took no chances and left little doubt against Tallahassee (9SC WFTDA). Though the first quarter or so, Tallahassee kept pace, but after an early score of 51-51 the game changed entirely and a constant barrage of quick jams eventually snowballed into a 251-96 win for Atlanta.

Regardless of the ending, from the first whistle, Tallahassee put on a hell of a bout. Tally jammers Stone Her and Low Maim kept pace with Atlanta’s Merchant of Menace and Jammunition, putting it at 7-4 Atlanta after two, but the first lopsided jam came when Atlanta enjoyed its first power jam; Bruze Orman scored 24 while blockers WIld Cherri, Harper Lethal, and Ozzie Kamakazi held Low Maim at bay (31-4).

A rested Low Maim soon retook the track for her own power jam, though, muscling through Queen Loseyateefah and Belle of the Brawl for 20 of her own to make it 39-24 Atlanta. A series of Tallahassee lead jammer calls would continue closing the gap with Catchup eventually doing just that for her team, tying the game at 51.

But after equalizing, Tallahassee couldn’t hold it together. Penalties would decimate their defense as Hollicidal broke the tie with a 4-0 jam for Atlanta. On the next jam, she’d join back in as a blocker during a big no-lead jam. While neither team had true control over it, Atlanta’s Alassin Sane had a definite advantage with a full roster of blockers behind her and ratcheted the score up to 92-59.

Once their jammers became penalty-prone, Tallahassee was finished. A Jammunition power jam made it 117-59, and that was followed by a 15-0 followed by one for Hollicidal (132-59) paved the way for Atlanta’s 146-63 halftime lead — leaving Atlanta on a 95-12 run since the game had been tied at 51.

Though they’d never again be a threat to take the lead, Tallahassee’s defense refused to let up. La Voodoo and Erin Breakabitch tried to grind down on the Atlanta jammers to keep it competitive, but Atlanta still started the second half on a 55-4 run to give them an overwhelming 201-67 advantage. The bout ended as it opened, with both teams trading nickel and dime jams, and one final Merchant of Menace power jam before it closed out at 251-96 Atlanta.

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