Franky Panky: #23 Tampa Slams Cape Fear, 336-50


TAMPA, FLORIDA — Game 2 of Franky Panky saw a powerful Tampa (#23 DNN, 6SC WFTDA) take on out-of-region (20E WFTDA) Cape Fear. At their last meeting Tampa Bay won handily 207-45. This game saw an even larger disparity in the teams; by the end of the first half Tampa had marched the score to 167-19 and ended up winning by an overwhelming 336-50.

Tampa Bay put up 34 unanswered points over the first five jams, with Little A, Reeces Tear Ya To Pieces, Rojo Grande, and rookie Lil’ Bit all jamming on a large rotation – though they were without veteran speed skater Barbie Bont due to her recent retirement. After ten minutes, Lola Von Lethal from Cape Fear grabbed lead while Taz Maniac went to the box for Tampa, and Cape Fear put their first five points on the board just as the jam was ending.

Taz Maniac from Tampa flew out of the box to lead on the next jam and racked up 13 points. Tampa’s jammers resumed their scoring run, and with just 10 minutes left in the half the score lay at a dominating 98-5 for Tampa. Tampa began reaching a little deeper into their bench after establishing such a comfortable lead, and Cape Fear was able to put a few points on the board over the next seven jams, though nothing approaching Tampa’s scoring machine. By the end of the half Tampa was ahead 167-19.

Tampa continued scoring unabated, adding Taz Maniac and Lunch Lady to their jamming rotation, while Cape Fear managed to just double their score with the help of some timely power jams. Dirty Sanjaz, CathLick Schoolgirl, and Lola Von Lethal profited from three power jams, but only scored 21 points over their full course. Tampa, on the other hand, scored as many in a single power jam, as Little A did ten minutes into the second half. With five minutes left in the game, Tampa crossed the 300 points barrier, and by game’s end they closed it out at 336-50.

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