[Fox Cityz] Rollergirl Regiment 88, Pushy Posse 63


APPLETON, WI — The season-opening doubleheader for Appleton’s Fox Cityz Foxz featured a rematch of the 2010 third-place game, and just as was the case last year, the Rollergirl Regiment got the win over the Pushy Posse — though by a considerably smaller margin than the 113-64 final in the previous matchup.

The Regiment took lead jammer status for the first two jams, propelling themselves to a modest 7-4 lead in the process, but the Posse used a clockwork jammer rotation of Blazin’ Butterfly, Skeater Beater, and Tootzy RollHer to grab lead jammer for the next three jams, knotting the score at 14-all after five. Secretary of Skate broke the Posse’s grip on lead jammer, nudging the Redge back into the lead at 16-14 after six, but when Redge jammer Lotta Issues wound up in the box on a track cutting major, Blazin’ Butterfly cut loose with the first big offensive jam of the game, a 10-0, three-pass jam that put the Posse up 24-16 midway thru the first period.

The teams battled thru a number of mainly single-pass jams for the duration of the half, with penalty trouble allowing Secretary of Skate and Skeater Beater to run up offsetting 10-0 jams late in the period. At the break, the Posse held a 43-34 edge over the Regiment, which, being a palindrome, was surely cause for drinking on the part of the spectators.

The Posse looked to be in good shape to start the second period, nabbing lead jammer status each of the first four jams and building a 53-40 lead. Unfortunately for the Posse, that would be the last time in the game that they’d sniff the glorious Finger Of Power that signifies lead jammer status. A blocking-with-the-head major on Blazin’ Butterfly allowed Lotta Issues to start the Redge comeback with a 10-0 fifth, cutting the Posse’s lead to three points at 53-50. After a 7-7 sixth, the Redge took the lead after diminutive Regiment blocker S.P. Rocket drew a major back block penalty on Posse jammer Toozy RollHer, allowing Mexi Kanyoo Azz  to skate her way to a game-turning 15-0 jam which gave the Redge the lead for good at 72-60 midway thru the second period.

The Regiment then took control of the game, owning the lead jammer position and completely shutting down the Posse, who wouldn’t score again until the game’s final jam. The final score of Regiment 88, Posse 63, failed to reflect how competitive this bout actually was. Skeater Beater lead all scorers with 30 points in a losing effort, whilst Lotta Issues paced the Regiment with 28.

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