First Fresh Meat of 2015!

On Sunday 22nd March, we were very excited to welcome along our very first batch of Fresh Meat for 2015. We love fresh meat Sundays, but this time was extra special. It was the first one of the year, and we had so many new faces coming along to start their roller derby journey with ARRG. People start roller derby for so many reasons, whether it is for fitness, to make new friends, to get into a team sport, but our favourite quote of the day was probably this one;

I came today because I wanted to do something recreational that wasn’t just ‘watching supernatural’.

The new guys arrived, with excited trepidation, and looked increasingly nervous as we gave them their waivers to sign. We had a whole crew of skaters ready to welcome them along, and once they were all in, it was time to kit up.

Crazylegs led the session, and they started off as always with a good old off skates warm up. Once everyone had stretched, it was time for skates on. Crazylegs gave everyone a chat about safety, fitness and the very basics of roller derby, and then, they were off!

The first drill was a huge success – everyone was so amazing! Some people take longer than others to get comfortable on skates, that’s totally natural, but this group were pretty outstanding. It was so exciting to see everyone develop – especially the people who started out a bit shaky at the beginning, and by the end of the session were skating around like they’d been doing it for years! 

Crazylegs taught everyone some basics; skating stride, stance, stops and falls, and then after a good bit of practice, everyone was looking so confident that it was time for a game of Hot Dog Tag. On the first session! Everyone played really well and it was so much fun watching everyone get really into the game and look more and more confident on their skates. One fresh meat said:

I found T-stops really hard, but after a while I became quite good at them. I enjoyed that. And knee slides are really fun!

Once the session was over, we took a nice long stretch – those muscles will have been sore yesterday! – and then we all went off to the pub to get to know each other a bit better.  We discussed goals, and achievements, and there were so many people with so many goals, it was just inspirational.

I want to get fast enough so I can skate 25 laps in 5 minutes. I also want to pass soon because I am worried someone else will take the derby name I want!

We are super excited at all the new guys who have taken the first step and begun their journey with us. Everyone remembers their first day, and it’s just amazing what you can achieve in a short time. This time next year, some of these new guys will be playing on our travel teams! We can’t wait to watch everyone progress, and start skating with them!

See you next week guys!

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