February Skater of the Month – Dirty Landry

Profile: landry

  • Joined PRG: November 20, 2012
  • Position on the Track: Jammer, Blocker
  • Home Team: Damas de los Muertos
  • Number: 1155
  • Committees: Secretary & Co-chair PR
  • Birthday: April 3
  • Hometown: Campbell, California

Comments from her league mates:

  • Dirty Landry is an organized, mild-mannered, well dressed, impeccably presented woman off the track. On the track, she’s one of the toughest girls I’ve ever seen. She’s taken so many hits to the face, I don’t think she even feels them any more. She always just gets up like nothing happened and continues skating, and waits to deal with the blood and bruises until after the jam is done. She is truly hardcore, and she’s my hero.
  • Landry is a great teammate, and always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. Great Jammer, fierce blocker. Don’t let that dazzling smile fool you!
  • She has been so kind and helpful every time I practice with her.
  • In the few months I’ve been training as a Ref, I noticed that Landry has gotten hit in the mouth a few times. Of course, she curses, but she doesn’t actually retaliate to the perpetrator. Great sportsmanship!
  • Holy breakout jammer, Batman! Landry is FORMIDABLE. Also, she’s a sweetheart. Like, AT THE SAME TIME. How does that even happen? Landry is magical.
  • Love her calculated jammer style.
  • She has really pushed herself to become a very effective jammer.

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