February 21, Bout 1

New year, new teams! The 2015 season opener pitted the brand new Apocalypstix against the brand new Sake Tuyas in a nail-biter of a bout with the win up for grabs until the very last jam. The Sakes took off to a quick lead, until a power jam gave Stix jammer Trouble MakeHer a quick 10 points and the first lead change. It was a close back-and-forth for a while, but Sakes defensive walls anchored by all-stars Switchblade Siouxsie and Rudy Huxtabrawl held tight, allowing the Sakes to slowly extend their lead. Another power jam coupled with Stix blocker penalties opened up the first significant lead, Sakes 51- Stix 30. Then Trouble Makeher came to town, in back-to-back jams against light Sakes packs, laying on 17 and 18 points for another lead change. 72-69. But it didn’t last. Stix jammer penalties gave Sakes jammer The Boss an opportunity to take the Sakes back to a 93-72 lead. The half ended 102-72.

The Stix came back in the second half with a formidable all-star jammer rotation of just Trouble and Slams McKenzie, bolstered by Stix blockers Queen Loseyateefa and Madditude Adjustment, who stayed on the track jam after jam after jam. The score remained close until the Sakes handed Trouble a power jam with a light Sakes pack, giving her an opportunity to score 28 points and cut the Sakes lead to 146-122. The margin stayed close until a seemingly beautiful apex jump by Sakes Jammer The Boss turned into a track cut on official review, and Trouble put up the points to close the Sakes lead to just six points, 170-164. The Sakes answered back with three straight leads, entering the final jam, 197-168. That margin was hardly safe though. In a thrilling final jam. Sakes got lead but both jammers went to the box, giving their teams a chance to trade off points for a full two-minute jam that finished in a Sakes win, 197-181.

MVP blockers were Switchblade Siouxsie for the Sake Tuyas and Queen Loseyateefa for the Apocalypstix; MVP Jammers were Souljourner for Sake Tuyas and Trouble MakeHer for the Apocalypstix.


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