Featured Skater: Yin & Bang #39

This month we are looking at one of our most amazing skaters – Yin & Bang, who we affectionately call Bangers. She skates for our A team and our B team, and she is also off to Dallas in December to skate for Team Scotland in the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup!

Bangers is an incredible skater, an incredible person and an incredible friend. We all love her, and we are so proud to show her off as our skater of the month.


Home Team Affiliation: The Skatefast club

Joined ARRG in: 2010

Favourite position to play: I mostly play as a blocker, but I enjoying pivoting also.

Your Derby story: I started fresh meat with Bulletproof glass as we work together. We went along together and were addicted.

Worst Derby injury: (Touch wood) I’ve been lucky not to break anything. Although I did go to A & E when I thought I’d broken my hip. Lucky I didn’t, though the morphine was fun…

Best Derby advice: You fall, you get yourself back up. Never, ever compare yourself to anyone else around you.

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories? I remember when during a Thistles skate out I tripped on thin air and did a face plant to the crowd. Skinner quickly came back and picked up my sorry ass.

Derby Hero: All the lovely arrgers are my heroes!

What do you do outside of derby: I once did a lot of karate and I love to knit. I get to save and play with puppies and kittens every single day!

Fun fact about you: I would like to join a choir.

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