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What interested you in Roller Derby? How did you get involved in Roller Derby?

It was something I had always been interested in and seemed like such a fun alternative for a workout that was also part of a team. After I had decided not to compete in my fitness competition I decided to look into derby…finally!


What is your derby name? Why did you choose your name? What’s the story?

Sweet Nyx. I’m 100% Greek so I wanted something that correlated with my ethnicity and what better describes Greeks than mythology and the Gods. Nyx is the Goddess of darkness and night. A shadowy figure so powerful that Zeus himself feared her.


What is your derby number? Does it have any significance? What’s the story?

913. The number 9 has made an appearance throughout my life. One of them being that I work as an Interventional Radiologist in a hospital and the room we do all of our special procedures in is in room 9. 13 is lucky number 13!


When did you start skating? Do you have any other athletic experience?

I literally started skating in October when I decided to do roller derby. I’m a lifter, that’s my other form of athletic experience. Growing up I was never into sports but the arts so this is a lifestyle change.


What is your position of choice?

Jammer! Although I would love to be a stronger blocker.


What team do you skate for? Which committees are you on?

Cherry Bombs/ Cheap Skates. I am part of the fundraising committee. Come help support us!

Do you have any traditions or rituals that you do on game day? Or before game day? Or before you skate?

I don’t yet but stay tuned.


Do you have a derby wife? Why is she your person?

I have a derby sister but not a wife yet although all my teammates are my family should I need help so we’ll see if one progresses.


What is your proudest Derby moment? What was your most difficult moment?

My proudest moment to date would probably be when I was asked to join an all star practice and at the very end we had to skate with our hips open and feet pointed out. I finally did it! My difficult moment is still when I get on the track. I still feel like a deer on its new legs.


Do you have any derby injuries that you’re proud of? Tell us about them/what happened?

I don’t have any serious injuries except scratches or bruises. I’m hoping to keep it that way.


What is your favorite motivational/ inspirational quote?

And though she be but little she is fierce- William Shakespeare. I have this tattooed on me to remind myself that size doesn’t matter, just be fierce and passionate in all that you do.


Who is your greatest mentor and or/hero? Why?

My brother. He had a rough few years and made it through stronger and better than ever. I look at him and think if he can make it, so can I.


Who would you like to thank in regards to your derby experience?

All the vets and my teammates. They have continuously supported me and have given me constructive criticism to make me a better skater.


How has being involved in Roller Derby changed you?

How hasn’t it?! I am a part of a family. Women of all different backgrounds and lifestyles that have a common bond with me. It is a team like no other.


What is your day job? How do you maintain a balance between your “real” life and your “derby” life?

As I mentioned I’m an Interventional Radiologist so although I have a set schedule I’m on call often. The stress of my day job is released during derby. I have to get my aggression out somehow!


If you could have one super power/trait what would it be and why?

X-ray vision. It would help my job so much!


Did you go through the Rookie program? How was the experience? Would you suggest/recommend it to new skaters? Tell us about your experience…

I did go through rookie camp and it was amazing. I would definitely suggest going through camp to get the basics down at a comfortable pace with the help of seasoned skaters.


What do you look forward most in the 2016 season?

To get on the track!!


What would you say to anyone looking to join roller derby? Advice/motivational words…

Just do it! You certainly won’t regret it and you’ll meet a wonderful group of people.


Why skate with NHRD, show us some love…Skate with us!

Skate with NHRD and be a part of an organization run by your peers. It is truly an experience.

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