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What interested you in Roller Derby? How did you get involved in Roller Derby?

I saw my first roller derby bout back in 2012 and found the sport to be beyond interesting.  Itsy Bitsy Fighter was playing for Portland ME and I happened to be dating her brother.  He thought I would love the game and wanted me to try to play, but it was too expensive for me at that time.  I later found that some of my coworkers played and watched a few bouts.  Next thing I knew Rookie Camp was here and I was starting my journey in November 2015.

What is your derby name? Why did you choose your name? What’s the story?

I came up with my derby name while sitting and watching an NHRD game the summer of 2015.  I didn’t even know that I would soon be playing. An Empowered female super hero and a dinosaur walk into a bout… That’s not how it went.  As a child I loved the female super hero She-Ra and dinosaurs are just fun and awesome?  Who doesn’t love a good T-Rex joke?  This is how She-Rex came about.

What is your derby number? Does it have any significance? What’s the story?

895. This is the first three digits of my home phone number growing up.  What’s up Fremont!

When did you start skating? Do you have any other athletic experience?

I started skating when I was in elementary school.  I had blue and white My Little Pony recreational skates that I attempted to skate up, more so down the street in. I also had some great neighbors who had skate parties for their birthdays and let me go to open skate with them.  I started to play softball in the fifth grade until my senior year in high school.  I started to play flag football on a coed team about 3 years ago.

What is your position of choice?

I like jamming, but I need more practice to be an effective jammer.  Blocking is my next favorite. Just put me in coach I love the game!

What team do you skate for? Which committees are you on?

I proudly skate for the Cherry Bombs and Cheap $kates (1, 2, 3, 4, rookies rock the skate floor).  I currently reside on the Merchandise Committee where I get to choose what fun things our fans get to buy.

Do you have any traditions or rituals that you do on game day? Or before game
day? Or before you skate?

This being my first season playing, the only tradition I have is wearing fun socks.

Do you have a derby wife? Why is she your person?

I’m not married.  SWF seeking… nothing!

What is your proudest Derby moment? What was your most difficult moment?

My proudest moment happened to be a day I almost didn’t go to practice.  I wasn’t feeling so great but I figured I would go and leave early if I had to.  I had to try.  I had been struggling just trying to hit the 25 laps in 5 minutes mark for weeks.  I didn’t just make my 25 laps in 5 minutes requirement, I made my 27 laps in 5 minutes getting me to my goal almost a month earlier than I expected. The most difficult moment was when I was told I need to say off skates for 2 weeks during rookie camp.  I was 2 weeks late getting into camp and now I had to miss another 2 weeks.  I had missed 4 weeks of training and wasn’t up to the same level as my peers.  We have some amazing trainers here at NHRD and they reminded me of how far I had come all throughout rookie camp and any practices going forward.

Do you have any derby injuries that you’re proud of? Tell us about them/what happened?

Not so much as proud of this one as I am completely amused.  We had a scrimmage on Sunday and I went to the dentist instead of practice on Monday.  The dentist appointment was not ideal and I was hurting from it.  I fell asleep around 7 that night.  In the morning I went to go hop in the shower and there was what I thought was poop at the top of my butt crack.  I was in a panic for about five seconds when I realized that I wasn’t that out of it the night before.  It was a nice dark purple almost black bruise at the top of my butt crack.  For the love of god I was so happy I didn’t poop my pants.

What is your favorite motivational/ inspirational quote?

Ah push it – push it real good!  Oh yes I went there.  Who doesn’t just want to get up and dance to this song or sing along?  This is my favorite thing to yell to my derby family when we are doing our laps.  I’ll try to bust a move on occasion, but my moves are really just flailing.

Who is your greatest mentor and or/hero? Why?

I honestly don’t have one.

Who would you like to thank in regards to your derby experience?

I would have to thank Prissassin for telling me about rookie camp and helping me get a pair of skates to borrow for the first few weeks.  The Tartlet Dodger for letting me borrow the skates and for all of her kind encouraging words that helped us through rookie camp.  Rush for laying me out flat at practice and all I could do was laugh.  Kink, Irate and the three ladies above for helping me through my rookie camp experience.  I am really thankful to all of the wonderful people who have helped me grow as a skater and a person here at NHRD, rookies too!

How has being involved in Roller Derby changed you?

Derby has made my life more positive.

What is your day job? How do you maintain a balance between your “real” life
and your “derby” life?

During the day I am a Risk Control Self-Assessment Analyst for a major financial holding company.  This is similar to an auditor, but I want to identify issues and work with the business to correct them.  To maintain a balance between life and derby I just prioritize stuff with what’s coming up first and what is going to be the best choice for everyone involved when it is possible.

If you could have one super power/trait what would it be and why?

Oddly, flying and I’m afraid of heights.  I would like to fly so I could see the world.

Did you go through the Rookie program? How was the experience? Would you
suggest/recommend it to new skaters? Tell us about your experience…

I went through the Rookie Program this past November.  The experience was pretty amazing.  The trainers really drill into you the fact that there is no, “I can’t do that”, the correct term is, “I can’t do that yet”.  The next thing you know, you are doing that thing you couldn’t do yet and you weren’t even trying to do it. IT HAPPENED!  The Rookie Program was very encouraging.  Watching people grow with you is just such a good feeling.

What do you look forward most in the 2016 season?

For the 2016 season I am looking forward to growth.  I am amazed by what my teammates and I can do now, that I couldn’t do back in November.  Also I am excited about pairing up with other charities to make positive changes in the lives of others.

What would you say to anyone looking to join roller derby? Advice/motivational words…

Roller derby is a community where everyone belongs.  My team is my other family.  We take care of each other.  If the inner workings of roller derby had a theme song it would be With A Little Help From My Friends.

Why skate with NHRD, show us some love…

I’m New Hampshire native, the “Live Free or Die” state, therefore I skate for NHRD, the “Skate Free or Die” Skate.  Not to mention all of the talent we have associated with our organization on and off skates, NSO’s too.


Watch She-Rex on the track this Saturday!

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