Featured Skater: Kirds n’ Slay

Kirds_n_SlayThis month’s featured skater is the amazing Kirds n’ Slay. She is one of our referees.

Joined ARRG in:

I started fresh meat back in January 2011. It’s crazy how time flies!

Role in ARRG:

I’m one of the referees.

Favourite position to officiate:

It’s a tie between being an outside pack ref and jammer reffing. They both present their own challenges. Though at scrims I’m trying to become more comfortable with both areas of inside pack reffing.

Your Derby story – why are you here?

I knew I wanted to be involved in roller derby in some way after first seeing Whip It and then finally watching my first live game. It was the first game ARRG ever did in the Fringe and I loved it. I originally started out with the intention of playing roller derby, but I’ve always NSOed from day one as I’m a rules geek. Towards the end of my first year I got injured but in my time off skates I stayed involved and got heavily into my NSOing. I also did bench during the first home season. When I was back on skates I tried to get back into playing but found I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. One of the refs at the time asked me on and off/hinted about me considering reffing as I seemed to like the officiating side. I thought it over then made the switch reffing 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. I did do a spell of line ups during the second home season, but decided to fully concentrate on reffing. I’m hoping to take my reffing as far as I possibly can, for myself, the league and the Scottish officials community.

Best official-related advice:

Believe in yourself. If you don’t, you’ll stress yourself out and won’t enjoy what you’re doing.
What you do for the league aside from officiating:
I’m the officials’ co-spokesperson, but I’m also a member of the sponsorship and advertising committee. I’ve been on that one since its inception and mainly sell ads for the programmes. I’m also one of the board members for the league, having been on there officially since September 2014. And… I’ve been recently trained as a first aider.
Any funny/embarrassing officiating stories:
I think it was my first time jammer reffing a game when I fell over when lining up to get ready in the 30 seconds between jams. I tipped my weight the wrong way and went backwards. Unfortunately there is a lovely photo out there which documents this. I did laugh about it right enough before I went into ‘officials’ mode again.

Derby Hero:

Each and every official I’ve been on a crew with and the skaters who have helped me along the way. I also have a soft spot and much respect for anyone who comes back from injury.

What do you do outside of derby?

I have your standard 9-5 job, but besides that I’m very much into my fitness. I recently started cross fit as I wanted to mix things up a little as I was starting to find the gym a little monotonous. This is also to help with Tough Mudder, which I’m doing again this year. Apparently I also don’t like to have any spare time. I’m doing a Criminology with Psychological studies degree through the Open University on a part time basis. I started it last year and it’ll take about 6 years.

Fun fact about you:

I spent a year abroad in Finland whilst at university. Any Finnish I did learn (only the very basics!) I’ve long since forgotten.

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