Featured Skater: Kiki Pearson #2!

This month featured skater is the amazing, incredible, wonderful KIKI PEARSON #2! Kiki is an incredible person. Not only does she skate for both the All Stars and the All Star Reserves, she also runs the merch committee, runs her own business, makes derby panties, sews amazing gifts and prizes for our fundraising events, raises three children and also managed to Captain the All Star Reserves. Oh, and she weightlifts twice a week too – and squats like an absolute machine. On top of all of that, she manages to be one of the kindest hearted people you could ever meet. WE LOVE KIKI!

Home Team Affiliation: 2 years with the Leithal Weapons and then last year, the Skatefast Club.

Favourite Position: Blocker by trade, sometime pivot and a reluctant jammer. I think I have good ‘loud talking’ skills being mum to three kids.

Number of Games on the All Stars and AS Reserves: Yesterday made it 20….

Your Derby Story: Went to a Festival game in 2010 with my family and we left, full of excitment as I had just signed up for fresh meat. A friend at work had just started. As I progressed slowly and needed to buy skates and pads, the husband confessed his teenage love of roller skating and went on to co-found the first men’s team in Scotland. Almost everything revolves around derby now. I did wonder of I would EVER get through a training session without being sick or getting a massive headache! I am NOT a sporty person or ever regarded myself as competitive. Just goes to show you – derby brings out things in you, you never knew you had and teaches you things which you can use universally.

Worst Derby Injury: there’s a tweet which goes ‘remember those pre-derby days when you referred to your knees as left and right? Now it’s ‘the bad one and the not so good one’? No bad injuries to report but I think my whole body will remind me of roller derby for the rest of my life.

Best Derby Advice: what I say to my daughter when we are both struggling or frustrated (me with derby, she with 9 year old related challenges) – Practice. Always practice. And by practice I mean listening, doing your best and persevering. Too heavy for a 9 year old? That and not comparing yourself to others. Learn from them but don’t compare. You too have skills to offer.

What You Do for the League Aside from Skating: I’m spokesy for the Merchandise committee since 2013. If you ever need a t shirt, a badge or a mug SEE ME! If we don’t sell something and you want it, SEE ME!

Any Funny/Embarrassing Derby Stories OR Top Training Tip: Usually found drinking tea at after parties so I would hope my embarrassing stories are few. Sadly a few do come to mind – Amsterdam, Eugene….actually, almost any journey with Puke. Top training tip: go to practice, on a good day or a bad day. go. to. practice.

Derby Hero: All the women (and the men) in ARRG are amazing. Heck, all skaters and non skaters have skills which I admire. How could one alone be a hero? (I would say Gregg as he always gives his honest opinion, critique and advice, but I’m married to him. Does he count?)

What Do You Do Outside of Derby: Sewing. Lots of sewing. I have a small business making nice things and roller derby panties but can more often be found repairing sweaty pads for folk. I can also be found practising my pivot voice on my three kids…sadly they are not as responsive as a pack. Needs work. I enjoy lifting heavy things, namely weights. But sometimes I need help to bring the shopping in from the car….

Fun Fact About You: I have a collection of about 25 wooden nutcrackers. And my kids don’t like roller derby.

*note – this photo was from one of the most amazing moments in ARRG home team history – home team final, 2014.  Skatefast Club v Leithal Weapons. Kiki was the jammer for Skatefast, and the Leithals were 24 points ahead going into the final jam. Then Skatefast got a powerjam. Kiki scored a 25 point jam to win the season by ONE POINT.

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