Featured Skater: Block Rockin’ Feet #514

RockiThis months featured skater is the incredible Block Rockin’ Feet #514! Rocki is one of our All Star Reserve skaters, and she is  a triple threat; skilled in blocking, jamming and pivoting. Not only is she an incredible force on track, but she is also a formidable member of team party ARRG, always keen to show off her afterparty skills. She also probably has the longest legs in the league.


Home Team Affiliation: Leithal Weapons

Joined ARRG in: October 2012

Favourite position to play: Jammer or Blocker

Number of games on the All Star Reserves: 6

Your Derby story: I first heard about roller derby in a strip club in 2009/10.  My pole dancing school were having a ‘pole jam’ with the dancers and one of them suggested we try derby (I think her name was Kat).  I was really into pole then so couldn’t commit to anything else time-wise. When our lessons moved to The Crags a few years later, I saw everyone getting kitted up for scrims. It looked fun so I decided to check out the next bout at Meadowbank.  Following that, I signed up for the next Fresh Meat and I’ve been with ARRG ever since.

Worst Derby injury: luckily it’s only been a sprained ankle and a couple of monster bruises

Best Derby advice: don’t compare your progression with others.  Just do YOUR best.

What you do for the league aside from skating: I’m the Treasurer so all things numbers-related

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories OR top training tip: I managed to annoy the entire team on the long bus journey back from Birmingham by drunkenly singing ‘Caledonia’ (very badly) and refusing to stay in my seat. Sorry pals!

Derby Hero: everyone at ARRG who puts in all the hard work to keep the league running, growing, and developing.

What do you do outside of derby: I run.  Did my first half marathon in 2014 and going for a full one this year in Berlin. I also help run a local Brownie Unit.

Fun fact about you: despite being one of the tallest players in the league, I was actually a premature baby and was the tiniest in the class until High School.

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