Featured Official: emKa!

April’s featured official is… emKa!

emKa is one of our crossover members – not only does she skate, but she also is a very dedicated NSO. Here she tells us a bit about working in a dual role position.

Joined ARRG in: I went to the taster session in November 2013 and than started FM in January 2014 (that was a very long 2 months to wait for FM to start!).

Role in ARRG: skater and dedicated NSO (also First Aider and friendly face).

Favourite Position to Officiate: I don’t really have one favourite I’d stick to. I like to work on different positions as it keeps you on top of things and is good to work with different officials. I did Jam Timing recently and I really enjoyed it! I also like to work infield as it keeps me non-stop focused and I like to be in the middle of the action (that may be my skater ego though).

Your Derby Story – Why Are You Here?: I heard about roller derby long time ago (not long after ARRG was born) but I joined few years later. I actually wanted to start track cycling! It’s a long story so if you want to know we can meet and talk.

Best Official-Related Advice: Keep your cool and know the rules. Like: ALL the rules. NSOs positions are equally important as Refs (especially now when NSOs can call the penalties) and you would have to face questions and be part of the official reviews so be ready for it!

What You Do For the League Aside From Officiating: I bake vegan cakes and cookies that you can taste when we put games on.I also talk and help injured and not-necessarily-injured people :)

Any Funny/Embarrassing Officiating Stories: It was my first or second public game to NSO – Home Season Final last year and I was Penalty Box Timer. WFTDA just changed the penalty time from 1 minute to 30 seconds in March but we were still timing 1 minute at scrimmage. So Friday night scrim I was Penalty Box Timing 1 minute and then the game was played along the new rules. And guess what? – in the first jam I timed Pope 1 minute. It was meant to be 30 seconds… I remember that the official review took long but to me it felt like light years! (it was a SEASON FINAL = massive audience) I learned my lesson – it is good to admit that you made a mistake and fix it asap!

Derby Hero: a lot!!! every single person that tries hard and is able to overcome weaknesses and can persistently push forward to get better and stronger.

What do you do outside of derby: I learn things, I work with people, and I cycle a lot :)

Fun Fact About You: I can change my accent while using English but I’m not able to do the same in Polish!


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