Featured Official: Denominator

Skate official Our featured official this month is Denominator! Denom is one of our very own home grown refs, and we are so excited that he has been selected to be Head Ref for the first ever British Championships Local North division! Well done Denom – we’ll all be there to cheer you on!
Joined ARRG in:

Fresh Meat Class of July 2012

Role in ARRG:

On-skates Official

Favourite Position to Officiate:

My favourite is Outside Pack Referee.  You need to watch so much of what is going on within the pack, what’s happening to the jammer as they’re coming through and watching out for pack definition to help assist the IPRs.  You need a high level of rules knowledge and some good skate skills.  Most recently however I’ve been enjoing it a lot of more at the Rear (of the pack).

Your Derby Story – Why Are You Here?:

My friend (Admiral Attackbar) had been a member of ARRG for a while and had been telling me they were looking for referees. I was keen to pick up a sport to become involved in and after reading about it I decided the Roller Derby community was a place I could fit in.

I first put on a pair of skates at a Jackey’s training afternoon – and even though I feel flat on my azz all the time I was hooked. I was trained by the wonderful coaches at ARRG to skate. There are rumours that for the longest time I could only push using my right foot but these are totally unfounded and not true.  Once through Fresh Meat I began my ref training with the Officials crew.

My first time refereeing was at a Bairn City Rollers bout.  I was OPR and I remember making one call and being VERY nervous.

I continue to be involved with Officiating as it’s such an amazing part of Roller Derby.  I have a great roller derby family I enjoy spending a lot of time with, and I am constantly being challenged to learn more and push myself.

Best Official-Related Advice:

Read the rules and never be affraid to make mistakes!  If someone questions your penalty, don’t take it personally and use it as a way to verbally justify your call. If it turns out you made an error you learn from that and move on.

What You Do for the League Aside from Officiating:

I help to make our leage fabulous!

I am also a member of the Training and Progression committee where I mostly work with Referee Development.

Any Funny/Embarrassing Officiating Stories:

Aparently people in other countries think it’s funny when I call “out of play” or “out of bounds” penalties…this was particularly evident in Australia when I heard the crowd laughing.

Derby Hero:

When I grow up I want to be as amazing as Righteous Oxide from Dundee Roller Girls.  He has this very calming presence at games.

What Do You Do Outside of Derby:

Mostly I teach. But I’ve found myself focusing on my own personal fitness and attending the gym lots. #allaboutthosegains

I also watch a lot of Ru Paul’s Drag Race…A LOT!

Fun Fact About You:

I own a whistle of every colour…and I can now skate with both feet.

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