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Why did you get involved in roller derby?

I had a friend, Von Thunderboldt, start going to beginners. She convinced me that I would love it. I tried skating at a few open skates to build up my courage and I went to beginners. I was hooked immediately. I bought my first pair of used skates after a month.

Who is your derby crush or wife and what do you find so entrancing about them? How do they motivate you?

Von Thunderbolt is my derby wife and also my derby crush, which is pretty convenient. She has a drive to work hard on all of her skills, both as a jammer and a blocker, but also to help other people develop theirs which is really impressive. I would have to say she is one of the most physically fit people I know and she works really hard to be that way. Our derby wife relationship is based on reminding each other that some injuries will hurt more and take longer to heal if we keep skating on them, what skills we should each be working on, and her finding it funny that I sing/hum weird (often made up or altered) songs on the line. I’m always driven to keep improving my skills so I can get her through the pack!

What gear do you swear by?

My skates. They are semi-custom Bonts and I waited a long time for them. Skates that fit well make all the difference. Otherwise, I have a bunch of stuff that is silly, but I hate to skate without. I have to wear a Brick Band for the sweat under my helmet and a bandanna or something to pull up over my mouth because it makes it easier to breathe (asthma).

How did you get your derby name?

I am a zooarchaeologist, which means I work with animal bones from archaeological sites. Sometimes I deflesh animal carcasses to get their bones. It seemed like a gruesome, but super appropriate name.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual or good luck charm?

I eat a sandwich. I talk to Boldt about my two things. One thing I will try to do and one thing I will try not to do. Then I hit Vanna Wipeout and she hits me to loosen up.

What is your alter ego when you are not on the flat track? 

I’m pretty much the exact same, but I hold back on hip checking. I’m working on my PhD in anthropology. Currently, I have a fellowship that puts me in a local elementary school as a science expert for the 5th grade. I get to be sciency most of the time, which is awesome. I have a bunch of pets (1 dog, 1 cat, 1 turtle, 5 chickens) that are all adorably insane, so any time that isn’t derby or dissertation, I’m usually busy on some random pet project.

What is your role within the league? 

I am the Intraleague liaison. I read all the emails and work with all the committees. I’m a semi-professional cat herder.

Derby DOB: I had to check my birth certificate. July 13th, 2013

Position: Blocker

Team(s): Allstars, Brass Knuckle Betties!


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