Feature Skater: Admiral Attackbar #1111

Our featured skater for August is the incredible Admiral Attackbar.

Attack is an incredible skater. Not only is she one of the best jammers in Europe (maybe even the world!) but she is also a feared blocker and pivot too. She won the ‘Well ARRG’ award at our 2014 awards ball for her insane strength which she attributes mainly to crossfit. She’s more than a triple threat – she’s a serious force on track. Don’t just take our word for it – WFTDA have recognised her skills and awesomeness and she’s been a featured skater for them too. She’s also one of our coaches, and will be coaching at our bootcamp on the 30th August. We are well proud of her.

Home Team Affiliation:
I’m not actually affiliated with any home team at the moment. I chose to opt out of home season this year in order to focus on training for Twisted Thistles games and going to the States.

Joined ARRG in:
I started Fresh Meat in May 2011

Favourite position to play:

Best ARRG memory:
There are so many that I couldn’t possibly pick one that stands out as the best but going to The Big O this year in Eugene, Oregon was an amazing experience. We played five really hard bouts over 5 days, which was a truly exhausting and exhilarating experience, after which I got to play against Team USA, which was also pretty cool!

Worst Derby injury:
I’ve actually never really been injured (touch wood!) but because I’m like 5ft tall I get my own fair share of hits to the face but thankfully nothing serious.

Best Derby advice:
Cross train, cross train, cross train and never compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle.

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories?
When we played London Brawling at Track Queens in Berlin I got a blocking with the head penalty for falling over and accidentally putting my face in someone’s butt.

Derby Hero:
I have quite a few but at the moment basically the entire Texecutioners team from Texas Roller Girls are my current faves. What I love most about them is that they’re not a big team. Most of their skaters are really small but they are all just phenomenally good at playing together and using amazing footwork.

What do you do outside of derby:
I’m a graphic designer and I spend a lot of time at CrossFit. My other hobby is eating.

Fun facts about you:
I have a rock collection

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