Farewell This American Strife



This American Strife (#212)

Started derby in: 2012
Teams played on: Rebel Alliance, Pulp Vixens, (Sisters of Anarchy)
Preferred positions: Blocker, Jammer

Northside Rollers would like to thank This American Strife for her service to the league as she heads back to New York City, proving that you can go home again. Strife signed up for fresh meat training in 2012 and has since become an integral part of our derby family. She was an ice hockey player by training, bringing solid skating skills into action as both a blocker and jammer on the track. She made her debut in 2013 with the Rebel Alliance, and helped them win against Diamond Valley’s Rough Cut Rollers with 329 points to the Rollers’ 156. Her final games in October with the Pulp Vixens and Sisters of Anarchy bring her total to sixteen bouts skating for NSR.

We admire Strife for her enthusiasm, energy, and dedication. Since becoming an NSR member, she helped to transform the media committee as Communications Officer, and served on the executive board as the league’s secretary. She also generously donated money from the sale of her house to us, and invested significant time towards raising community awareness of Roller Derby through public radio and seminars.

Strife, there are few words to express how appreciative we are of your commitment over the years. You are a stellar friend, team mate, inspiring coach and mentor. Without doubt, you have earned the respect of everyone at NSR.

All of us at Northside Rollers would like to thank you sincerely for everything that you have done for us. We will miss your presence both on and off the track, and would like to wish you success in all of your future endeavours – both in ‘real life’ and in roller derby.

Good bye, Strife, and good luck! (Come back and visit us soon!).

- Northside Rollers.

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