FVRG Are Going to Champs!

We recently spoke about our plans for 2015 and beyond. One of our big focuses for this year is taking part in the first British Roller Derby Championships – which will also be FVRG’s first ever tournament entry!

Not only will this be the largest roller derby tournament of its kind in Europe, these Championships represent a commitment to the future of roller derby in the UK by fostering competition and growth in all levels of the sport.

How it works

There are 72 womens teams taking part who are divided into Tiers. FVRG are in Tier 4 which is divided again into 6 divisions by geographical region.

We are in Tier 4 Local North along with New Town Roller Girls (Livingston), Preston Roller Girls (Preston), Spa Town Roller Girls (Harrogate) and Voodoo Roller Dollies (Central Scotland).

Preston vs. FVRG - April 2014 Photo courtesy of Johannes Christian von Voges

Preston vs. FVRG – April 2014
Photo courtesy of Johannes Christian von Voges

Each team plays all the other teams once, getting 3 points if they win. The organisers of British Champs have included a quick reference table for you to track this.

If FVRG manage to place in the top two teams in our Local North division, we will proceed to playoffs for the top teams in the whole of Tier 4. The top 8 placed teams at playoffs will be promoted next year to Tier 3!

This is a great opportunity for our league to continue pushing ourselves forward and improve our standing. We can show the results of all of our hard work over the last few years and of course, we will be involved in a little bit of history.

Our first championship game will be on 13th June against Livingston’s New Town Roller Girls. Hope to see you there!

How you can help

This is a very exciting time of development and growth for our whole league and we would like you to get involved. We have regular intakes for new skaters – who knows, you could even be taking part in next years British Champs with us as a skater or a referee!

Our travel team, referees and Non Skating Officials will be taking part in the games but there are also many others behind the scenes who go into making our league what it is. If you don’t fancy skating, you also can join FVRG as a non-skating member where you can use your talents to help with the smooth running of the league and our champs games.

If you want to support us without joining our derby family, we will be holding various fundraising events throughout the year for you to attend. Please see our Facebook Page for all of our latest news.

As putting on games is an expensive business, we would also welcome any donations through PayPal, and thank you in advance for your support.

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