We’ve asked another of our Fresh Meat skaters to fill us in on how they’re finding the mysterious world of roller derby so far…. This month, it’s Gina Eales!:-


I first found out about roller derby from watching the film ‘Whip It’ and thought the sport looked so awesome but I didn’t even realise there was a UK scene at the time. My boyfriend spoke to someone who plays for RDL a while ago at his work and let me know that you could start out as a newbie, so when I eventually had Sundays free this year I didn’t hesitate!

I joined mainly because I wanted a new hobby and wanted to try something new to challenge myself. Once I found out about roller derby I knew I wanted to give it a go and I’m so glad I did.

My favourite things about roller derby have been meeting lots of new and lovely people, and also that feeling when you can tell you’re making progress on the track.

I feel that I have achieved more confidence in my self since joining RDL, and feel that has come with all the coaches and fellow skaters being so welcoming which has made me feel comfortable at sessions and we do have a laugh as well!

My future Derby goals are to keep on improving and building up my confidence with my skill set and not to feel defeated even if I can’t do certain skills straight away as it just takes practice 😊

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