[Emerald City]: Andromedolls 103, Flat Track Furies 60


EUGENE, OR — The three-time defending Emerald City champion Andromedolls (2-1) beat a battered Flat Track Furies (1-3) team 103-60 to earn a date with Church of Sk8in (2-1) in the June 9th ECRG 2012 championship game. The Furies were forced to add two visiting skaters, Skatesaphrenic Rocka Rolla and fresh meat Danger Graves, to bring their roster to twelve. Four of the Furies (Rocka, Terrin Skirtz, Medusa Harm, and Ambruisia) were skating in their second bout of the night after helping the Emerald City all-star Skatesaphrenics win.

The first 21 minutes of this bout were about as exciting as it gets. There were four lead changes. Neither team was able to get any breathing room. Then, with a slim 28-25 lead, the Dolls made their move. The bout’s top scorer, Assista Suicide, used the bout’s only power jam to pad the Dolls lead with a 9-0 frame. Scariel extended the lead by four more points on the following jam. The Dolls outscored the Furies 23-2 to close out the first half with the Dolls holding a 51-27 advantage.


Lead Jams: 28 | Power Jams: 1 | Jam Wins: 26

Assista Suicide 5-10, 31 pts
Sham!Pain 7-10, 28 pts
Surly Q 5-7, 17 pts
Scariel 7-10, 13pts
UO Me 4-8, 11 pts
Paige Security 0-1, 3 pts


Lead Jams: 16 | Power Jams: 0 | Jam Wins: 10

Medusa Harm 6-12, 16 pts
Terrin Skirtz 4-17, 14 pts
Vexine 3-4, 11 pts
Tatty Munster 2-5, 10 pts
Rocka Rolla 1-6, 9 pts
Sugar Hooker 0-1, 0 pts
Danger Graves 0-1, 0 pts

After three scoreless jams to kick off the second half, the Dolls slowly extended their lead on the penalty-heavy Furies. With their “Androme-Walls” anchored by captain Agent Orange, the Dolls built a 90-44 lead midway through the second half. Many of those points were thanks to Fury penalties. The Furies spent 34 minutes in the box compared to the Dolls 20, a problem compounded by the Furies’ short roster. The Dolls took advantage of the penalty troubles by outscoring the Furies 20-4 on box points.

In this low-scoring bout – there were only two double-digit jams – the Dolls used their ability to get lead (they picked up lead 28 times to the Furies 16) to pick up a couple points here and there to slowly command the bout. The calm and composed Andromedolls took the win in this one 103-60.

These teams next play June 9th in Eugene. The Andromedolls play Church of Sk8in for the Emerald City Championship, and the Furies play the Snake Pit Derby Dames (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) in a battle of snake pits.

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