Derby Name: ElectroShockHer
Derby Number: 72
What does your derby name mean to you? In my other life I’m a neurophysiologist, and I get paid to shock people with electricity!
Favorite Position: Blocking, NSOing, and soon to be Reffing…
How you found out about roller derby: I came to the rink one night with my teenage son and saw something about a recruitment night coming up the next week. Figured I’d check it out, and here I am!
Date you started with Jacksonville Roller Girls: January 2013
Favorite moment during a bout: I haven’t skated in a bout yet (thank you stupid broken ankle!), but I LOVED watching and planning the New Jax/Tampa bout!!
Favorite moment during an after party: Dancing on the tables at Harmonius Monks
Favorite after party drink: Jager and pineapple
What are your favorite skates? My pretty silver and blue Bonts
What are your favorite wheels? Mayhem and Synergy mix
Do you have a derby wife? Nope. No love for the Shock!
What should an opponent know about you? I’ll SHOCK you..
What should your fans know about you? My what???


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