East Playoffs: 8E Dutchland Forfeits to 1E Gotham


In a first at a WFTDA regional tournament, 8E Dutchland has decided to forfeit their game against 1E Gotham.

Dutchland bench coach Merv the Perv stated that Dutchland chose to forfeit because they felt it was strategically better for their final placement in the tournament to not play a game that they were likely to lose to by a significant margin and to go into the consolation rounds with a fresher team.

In the place of the scheduled Dutchland / Gotham game, Gotham will scrimmage the teams that were eliminated in the opening round: a 30 minute half against Maine and a 30 minute half against Carolina.

Gotham will automatically advance to the Saturday semifinals to face the winner of Steel City / Montreal; Dutchland plays at 6pm Saturday in the consolation bracket against the winner of Carolina vs the loser of Steel City / Montreal.

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