East Playoffs: 8E Dutchland Controls 9E Maine, 198-117


BALTIMORE, MD — In the opening bout of WFTDA’s East Region Playoffs, 8 seed Dutchland (Lancaster, PA) solidly controlled 9 seed Maine for the majority of the game to take an 81 point victory at 198-117.

After a fairly close and low-scoring opening 7 minutes, Dutchland leaped out to a 29-7 lead on the back of a 20-0 jam to Skid Ho, but Maine got a break two jams later when Dutchland jammer White Thrash was boxed on a track cut, leaving the track open for Spry Icicle to put up a 9-0 that made the score 32-18. Unfortunately for Maine, Icicle was boxed at the very end of that jam, giving the floor to Dutchland’s V-Diva, who swept through the pack and erased all of the Maine powerjam and more with a 10-0. WIth 17:02 left in the first half, it was 42-18 Dutchland.

However, the next three jams went to Maine, and with about 13 minutes left in the half the game was tied up at 45-45 on the back of a big 20-3 powerjam to Maine’s Grim D. Mise. As it turned out, though, that tie score was the last time Maine scored in the first half.

Dutchland’s White Thrash kept Maine from taking over the lead with a 2-0, and two jams later a jammer penalty to Maine’s Spry Icicle was a huge opportunity for Dutchland’s Nash Villain — she repeatedly rolled through a confused Maine pack for a 25-0 that made it 72-45. Maine called their first timeout there with 8:03 left in the first half. Dutchland’s V-DIva got a nearly instantaneous lead jammer on the next jam up the outside, and things got worse for Maine when Lil” Punisher was boxed on a track cut; though V-Diva was boxed herself near the end of that jam, she put up 24 unanswered points before doing so, and Dutchland had a dominating 96-45 advantage with about 5 minutes left in the half, and by the break Dutchland was solidly in control, 127-45.

Maine’s Grim D. Mise got her team a little bit of momentum on the second half’s opener, pulling lead jammer while Itsy Bitsy Fighter and Punchy O’Guts held back Dutchland jammer Skid Ho; Ho eventually went to the box and Grim ran up 25-0 to make the score a more respectable 127-70 just two minutes in. Maine took a knee with Ho still in the box to start the next jam, which translated to a lead jammer status for Spry Icicle; however, some tenacious one-on-one blocking at the front of the pack from Dutchland’s Treasure Chest forced Icicle to call at 0-0.

Still, though, Maine kept coming with another lead jammer status and a 5-0 to Grim D. Mise, making it 127-80 Dutchland with 25 minutes in the half. White Thrash got Dutchland’s first points of the half on 4-0 to White Thrash, and Dutchland standout V-Diva followed up by powering her way through for 10 before heading to the box; that jam ended 10-3 Dutchland for a new score of 141-83 with about 21 minutes to play.

Maine nicked away at Dutchland’s lead but couldn’t land any big jams; with 17 to play, it was 145-96 before an impressive run by Dutchland’s V-Diva in which every single Maine blocker bounced off her in attempted blocks during her opening pass; a 10-0 there made it 155-96. Maine’s jammer Crystal Whip was boxed during that run, and Dutchland’s Nash Villain had about 45 second of powerjam before being boxed herself. Bela Lowblowski, Treasure Chest and White Thrash did a good job of building a wall on the powerjam switch, though, and denied Crystal any points; with 12:27 left to play, Dutchland had a comfortable lead of 160-96.

Maine paced Dutchland for most of the rest of the game, but Dutchland’s Nash Villain definitively put the nail in the coffin with about 2:30 to play with a 19-0 that made it 185-113; one jam later, Dutchland had the win at 198-117.

Dutchland moves on to play Gotham in the quarterfinals at 4pm; Maine will go to the consolation rounds on Saturday, where they’ll meet the loser of Friday’s Charm City / Boston bout.

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