East Playoffs: 3E Charm City Powers Past 6E Boston, 191-88


BALTIMORE, MD — In a game that was somewhat more evenly matched than the final score implied, 3 seed Charm City routed 6 seed Boston by 103 points in a 191-88 win. Though Charm City was solidly in the driver’s seat after 10 minutes and was never in serious trouble of losing, almost all of Charm’s margin of victory came on 4 huge first-half jams — 3 of them unopposed — that accounted for 97 of their points.

Charm City took the first three lead jammer statuses, but Boston was able to spring their jammers fairly soon afterwards, leaving Charm up 9-2 three jams in; Boston’s Claire D. Way landed a graceful apex jump for Boston’s first lead and a new score of 9-6 about 5 minutes into the game. However, Charm got a big one to follow, as I.M. Pain swept repeatedly through the pack while Dolly Rocket and Just Carol absolutely stuffed Sugar Hits for the full two minutes in a 25-0 to Pain. After a quick 0-0, Boston lost their jammer Sugar Hits to a low block; Charm’s CC Bang Bang pirouetted her way through the pack for a full-length 19-4. Boston called their first timeout there at 19:49, suddenly in a 53-10 hole.

Following the timeout, there were five very low-scoring jams — 2-0 to Boston, 0-0, 1-0 to Charm City, 0-0 and 0-0 — as Boston once again got their jammers out right on the heels of their opposing numbers. With 14 minutes left in the first half, it was 54-12 before Charm City got another sizable win with a 9-0 to I.M. Pain — even though Charm was facing a 4-2 pack disadvantage — to make it 63-15.

Things went right back to scoreless jams for a three-jam series that ended with a particularly vicious flurry of hits on Boston jammer Lil’ Paine by Joy Collision. Next up, Charm got another big powerjam to Crowella De Vil, and just to make Boston’s problems worse, they filled their box and Boston jammer Claire D. Way entered mid-pack from the penalty box, earning herself a trip right back. Crowella rang up a huge 30-0, giving Charm City a 93-15 lead with 6:41 left in the first half. With the Boston box still completely full, I.M. Pain didn’t have too much trouble adding 23 more points, and Charm City was up by triple digits at 116-15. At the break, Charm held a 131-19 lead.

Although the second half was much more evenly matched, with Boston doggedly refusing to give up the big lopsided jams that had typified the first 30 minutes, they weren’t able to do anything to Charm’s huge lead. It was 160-46 with 20 minutes to play, 174-49 with 15 minutes left, and 176-56 as the clock ticked into its last 10 minutes. Boston’s Anna Wrecks’Ya did manage to give Boston something to celebrate at the very end, as she put up a 20-0 powerjam — those points allowed Boston to outscore Charm in the second half by 9 points, 69-60. Still, though, the final score was overwhelmingly in the home team’s favor, 191-88.

With Charm’s victory, all 4 top seeds advance to the final four. Charm City takes on Philly at 4pm on Saturday in a rematch of a 2009 Easterns semifinal; the teams also met in regular season play in April of this year, where Philly was barely victorious 132-124. Boston heads to the consolation rounds to play Maine at noon.

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