East Playoffs: 10E London Upsets 7E Carolina, 160-67


BALTIMORE, MD — 10 seed London delivered the first seeding upset of the 2011 WFTDA playoffs in strong fashion, dropping a nearly triple-digit margin on 7 seed Carolina to advance to the quarterfinals with a 160-67 victory.

Carolina jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead with a jam to Holly Wanna Crackya, but London’s Vagablonde answered equally with 2 of her own to tie the game after 2 jams. Carolina went right back to opening jammer Holly Wanna Crackya, who had a quick 0-0 with London’s Stefanie Mainey after both jammers escaped the pack almost simultaneously.

Jam 4 saw the first powerjam of the bout go to London as Carolina’s Ginger Clobbers hit the box; Kamikaze Kitten motored through for a 13-0, and London got another break when Clobbers re-entered the box almost immediately. London put out Vagablonde as their jammer next and London’s pack did an excellent job of isolating and slowing Carolina’s Jesse King — Vagablonde picked up 19-0 to give London a 34-2 lead with 22 minutes left in the first half.

Penalty trouble continued for Carolina, as only two blockers were on the track to try to stop London jammer Ninjette, who got a fairly easy 4-0 and made the London lead 38-2 ten minutes into the game. London continued to control the tempo and scoring to a Carolina timeout with about 17 minutes to play and London up 66-5. Carolina finally got something to go their way when London jammer Kamikaze Kitten was boxed, but only got 4 points of margin in a jam that went 9-5 to Carolina’s Eris Discordia. Holly Wanna Crackya kept the momentum going with 9-0 that made it 72-23 with 11:30 left in the first half.

Carolina jammer Celia Fate tried to eat the baby on opposing jammer Kamikaze Kitten next but it didn’t work out; however, Ms. Anthrope the Mordant successfully picked up Kitten in the back to get Fate a 2-0, moving it to 72-25 with ten minutes to play, and Holly lapped Vagablonde for a 5-0 next. Carolina was on a 25-5 run and the new score was 72-30 with 7:30 in the half, but Kamikaze Kitten stymied the Carolina comeback with a 9-0 over Deviled Leggs to make it 81-30. Points were sparse for the remainder of the half, and at the break it was London with a surprisingly large lead at 86-34.

London got right back into it to start the second with a 6-0 to Kamikaze Kitten, and London kept Carolina blanked through the half’s first five jams to go up 105-34 with 23:30 left in the game. Carolina jammer Thrashley finally got lead and some points for her team on the sixth jam for a 4-0, and DVS added a few on a followup powerjam, though London did a spectacular job of forcing the pack backwards after blocking DVS out of bounds; that jam went 10-3 Carolina to make it 108-46 with 20 minutes to play.

Carolina continued to claw their way back and called their second timeout with 15:52 left in the game and the score 111-57. However, the timeout seemed to benefit London more; Carolina did not get on the board again until the second-to-last jam of the game. As the game entered the last 10 minutes, London held a solid lead at 115-57, and points remained hard to come by for both teams to the 6 minute mark. The nail in the coffin was a jammer penalty to Carolina’s Ginger Clobbers; London’s Kamikaze Kitten rolled to a 19-0 that made it 134-57 with 4:30 to play, and four jams later London had the win at 160-67.

London advances to play 2E Philly at 6pm; Carolina goes to the consolation rounds to play the loser of Steel City / Montreal at noon on Saturday.

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