East Consolation: 6E Boston Sinks 9E Maine, 177-69


BALTIMORE, MD — The first time Boston and Maine had faced off this year, Boston had to fight hard for a relatively narrow win at 113-84 in April. Things were quite different in this matchup, as Boston jumped into an early lead, broke into triple digits very early in the second half and was never threatened on their way to a big 177-69 win. Seemingly tireless Grim D. Mise was the only Maine jammer able to find consistent success against tight Boston defense.

Boston came out of the gate strong in this one, blasting to a 27-3 lead eight minutes in and then taking advantage of a jammer penalty to Maine’s Shirley B Slammin for a 19-0 to Sugar Hits; Boston was in control at 46-3 with ten minutes gone in the game. Maine’s Grim D. Mise got her team a little momentum with a nice apex jump on her way to a 4-0 there; she added an equal score following a 0-0 between Crystal Whip and Boston’s Claire D. Way. That made it 46-11, but Maine’s Shirley B Slammin got stuck behind LCD and Shark Week for a few laps while Lil’ Paine ran up 8-0 to erase Grim’s inroads. Halfway through the opening 30, Boston led 54-11.

By the 7 minute mark, Boston was up big with a 67 point lead at 82-15, although Maine put together some good jams to get a little bit closer at 86-28 with 3:27 left in the half. There was a significant timeout there after a jam in which Maine jammer Crystal Whip was smashed to the ground by Boston blocker Anna Wrecks’Ya; though Whip called immediately, opposing jammer Sugar Hits ran into her from behind at the whistle and found herself boxed to start the next jam. Maine’s Grim D. Mise tried to convert the full minute of powerjam into something big, but could only do 5-0 behind hard hits from Ginger Kid and LCD. Boston took lead jammer status on the last two jams of the half to take a 93-37 lead into the break.

Maine was blanked for the first seven minutes of the second half, during which time Boston increased the lead to 114-37. While Maine was then able to keep pace with Boston to about the 15 minute mark, it was Sugar Hits dropping a big 19-0 that ended all doubt in the game; two jams later, Boston’s margin hit triple digits at 153-49 with 11:40 left to play. From there it was just a matter of time till Boston had their 108-point victory.

Boston moves forward in the consolation bracket to play London at 8pm Saturday; Maine, having lost two, will go up against Carolina in the 9th/10th place game at 9am on Sunday.

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