East Consolation: 10E DC Upends 8E Carolina, 210-179


BURLINGTON, VT — DC came into this tournament unfancied by most and off the back of a defeat by the unranked Berlin Bombshells from Bear City. But having already upset fifth seed Steel City this morning, DC registered another upset with their first win in six attempts against Carolina, and secured a berth in the fifth-place game tomorrow with a 210-179 win.

Two lead calls let Carolina race into an 11-0 lead, but DC hit back hard and fast. A hit-and-quit jam from Barbra Booey was followed by a 25-0 powerjam for Frightmare after Pretty Reckless hit the box to make it 29-11.

Good work from Holly Wanna Crackya pulled Carolina to within a pass before Barbra Booey pulled DC away again as Chinese Cheker, Soledad and Deadly Lamarr walled up Thrashley at the back. Holly was boxed two jams later for hitting after the whistles, letting Jersey Jill put up her biggest jam of the night to make it 56-22 at the midway point of the first half.

That gap was maintained for the next four jams until Lenore Gore had a massive jam over Ginger Clobbers. Gore was already a natural grand slam to the good when Clobbers was boxed, and she made almost no mistakes in the resulting power jam to put up a total of 25 and make the lead 55, 91-36. From that point on DC never looked in serious danger of losing their lead; Carolina tried to chip away, but were let down by jammer penalties and ended up waiting for a big jam that simply never came.

It was 97-44 after some more tight jams when Thrashley had a power jam courtesy of a major cut by Lenore Gore — but Artemis Conduct and Soledad were rock solid for almost the entire penalty time. When Soledad was boxed, scoring became easier for Thrashley, and she managed to put up 24 by the end of the two-minute jam, finishing it off with Lenore Gore back on the track.

Three jammer penalties followed in the very next jam; DC got the better of that two minute stretch to come out ahead 102-70, and with a jammer advantage. Barba Booey took DC into the half on that powerjam with a 20-0 and a 122-70 lead.

Four points for DVS in the opening jam of the second period set things going Carolina’s way — but when Ginger Clobbers tried to run penalty time for her blockers in the very next jam it all started to go wrong again, even though she did grab eight points. She was boxed on an out-of-bounds blocking call and Barbra Booey made it 150-78.

Carolina couldn’t make a dent in that deficit despite stemming the bleeding over the next few jams, doing little but trading points and lead calls. It became worse when Pretty Reckless picked up a major back block and it became 172-94. Reckless put up ten after being released when Barba Booey was boxed before DVS took Carolina over the century mark as she finished off the power jam before a two-minute jam between Lenore Gore and Ginger Clobbers added points to both teams’ totals.

A Carolina power jam for Ginger Clobbers with eight minutes to go pulled the game back to within 50 points, and DVS pulled it back to within 40 with three minutes to go. Jojo Gadget and Caddy Compton held Frightmare next time out, but it was only enough to see that lead cut by three more. Two more came off the lead next jam with DVS, but with a 35 point deficit and only 45 seconds on the clock it was too little, too late. A lead call for Barbra Booey in the final jam sealed the deal; she lost the jam 12-8, but DC took the bout 210-179.

DC proceed to the fifth-place bout at 2pm tomorrow against the winner of Boston and Montreal; Carolina compete for 7th at noon against the loser of that same bout.

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