East 9th Place: 7E Carolina Defeats 9E Maine, 241-172


BALTIMORE, MD — In the 9th place game of the East Region Playoffs, both 7 seed Carolina and 9 seed Maine ended up placing lower in the final standings than their seeding. Maine was within 28 points with just over 10 minutes to go, but Carolina slammed the door with two big jams to Holly Wanna Crackya that gave them a hefty 69-point win at 241-172.

Carolina never trailed in this bout; leadoff jammer Holly Wanna Crackya staked her team to a 8-4 lead over Maine’s ace Grim D. Mise, and they kept it coming solidly over the opening ten minutes to be up 48-12 with 20:58 left in the first half. Maine managed to pace the Raleigh crew for the majority of the middle of the half, though, helped greatly by a powerjam for Grim D. Mise that got Maine an 18-0 over Holly Wanna Crackya. With 10:47 to play in the first half, Carolina had twice Maine’s point total at 80-40.

A 10-0 on powerjam to Carolina jammer Thrashley put Carolina into triple digits at 101-53 with 4 minutes to go, and the margin stayed fairly even to the break at 108-59.

Carolina did not waste any time solidifying their advantage as the second half started; on the second jam, their jammer DVS completely capitalized on a box trip for Maine’s jammer Spry Icicle by rolling for a huge 30-0 jam that made the score Carolina 142, Maine 59. Although it looked like that was the beginning of the end for Maine, Maine had other ideas and struck back quickly with a 14-0 by Grim D. Mise followed by an enormous 29-0 powerjam for Spry Icicle. All of a sudden, Maine had just made up 43 points and was back in the game at 145-102 with 22:20 on the clock.

Carolina momentarily stopped the bleeding when they got a big jam for Thrashley over Shirley B. Slammin — Thrashley’s 15-0 made it 160-120. Still Maine kept coming, slowly but surely, and narrowed it all the way to 167-139 with 11:41 to go. But that was as close as Maine would make it, as Carolina’s Holly Wanna Crackya snuffed out the comeback hopes with a gigantic 29-0 powerjam over Grim D. Mise. It was 196-139 with about 9 minutes to go; Holly added an 19-0 exclamation point two jams later to push it to 216-150 with 4:41. Not too long afterwards, Carolina had the win at 243-172.

Carolina finishes 1-2 with previous losses to 10 seed London and 5 seed Montreal and ends up in 9th place; Maine is the tournament’s sole winless team and finishes in 10th with previous losses to 8 seed Dutchland and 6 seed Boston.

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