East 7th Place: 6E Boston Shuts Down 8E Dutchland, 213-90


BALTIMORE, MD — In a battle for seventh place of the East Region Playoff Bracket, the 6th-seeded Boston Massacre took on 8 seed Dutchland. Both teams looked to even their record to 2-2 for the tournament but it was clear throughout that Boston’s strong physical play was too much for Dutchland; the Massacre powered out a victory, 213-90.

The first half began with a brief 6-4 opening jam lead for Dutchland as V-Diva’s long apex jump outdueled Claire D. Way as Dutchland’s strong back wall goated Lois Carmen Dominator. The next jam, however, Sugar Hits put a slick move on the inside to take the lead with a textbook 4-0, a lead Boston would never relinquish. Dutchland’s defense, led by Spinal Snap, was at times equal to Boston’s, but great work by Lois Carmen Dominator, Shark Week, and Bumpus highlighted an 8-jam shutout of the Pennsylvanians. Lois Carmen Dominator then forced a track cut by Nash Villain setting up the first powerjam of the game. Boston’s Ginger Kid anchored a trap to clear a path for Claire D. Way. Twisted Scizzors was able to fight through the first goat pen attempt but Milk Maiden was stuck in the second and Boston extended the lead by 19.

Renegade Raven then cut the track for Dutchland and Sugar Hits found some holes through the pack for her own 15. Keeping the powerjam advantage alive, Lois Carmen Dominator drew a back block from V-Diva at the pivot line as Lil’ Paine dodged her way to 22 points but with 30 seconds left, Milk Maiden drew her own back block and V-Diva got a few back, ending the 46-3 Boston run. Skid Ho could not do much else with the powerjam as Ginger Kid kept her in the pack until Renegade Raven and Twisted Scizzors trapped Lady Shatterly. With 15 minutes done, the score was Boston 70, Dutchland 12.

Lois Carmen Dominator at the front and Anna Wrecks’Ya at the back shut out Nash Villain as Claire D. Way added another 9 for Boston. Two jams later, Lil’ Paine went out with a forearm and White Thrash toughed out huge hits from Shark Week  and Anna Wrecks’Ya to get 9 herself on the powerjam. Skid Ho went to the box on the next jam as Lady Shatterly forced her to the inside and Lil’ Paine shot out of the box to grab lead and 14 points. With 7 minutes to go, Ivanna Shankabitch and Bumpus effectively controlled Skid Ho at the front of the pack as Sugar Hits skated through for an 8-4 win. Boston’s lead was nearly triple digits at the break, when Claire D. Way skated the full jam to put up 15 and create a 132-34 Boston lead.

The second half continued with more of the mostly straightforward starting pack work. Dutchland got a 12-5 run on the first two jams with another 4-point inside dash by V-Diva and 8 from the speedy Skid Ho. Boston answered with an 8-0 over the next two jams as Bangher, then Shark Week, destroyed V-Diva’s forward momentum to allow Lil’ Paine to win a one-pass jam and Claire D. Way’s untouchable burst to daylight got another. Two jams later, V-Diva juked Shark Week at the back and dodged Lady Shatterly at the front to continue the textbook jam-work by both sides. Lois Carmen Dominator’s great blocking on both offense and defense and Skid Ho’s excellent inside-outside moves kept the score fairly even.

V-Diva’s unveiled a new jammer-on-jammer strategy but it backfired as Claire D. Way’s acceleration got her through the pack first and another 4-0. The even play ended around the 11-minute mark as Skid Ho’s track-cutting miseries from Dutchland’s last bout returned. First, she went to the box trying to slip around the outside of a 4-wall anchored by Bangher and then she got another just as she returned as Sugar Hits ran off 23 points. A penalty by Claire D. Way freed Skid Ho on the next jam, but a back block sent the Dutchland jammer to the box once again and Claire D. Way added another 9. As the 15-minute mark passed, Skid Ho got some back, popping out of the box for lead jammer and 5 points to bring the score to 187-62.

Dutchland’s defense went on a good 5-jam shutout run highlighted by Rum N. Choke, ending with Renegade Raven fighting through Bumpus and Lois Carmen Dominator for 13 on a powerjam to shorten the lead to 187-81. Lil’ Paine then answered, squeaking through the pack as Ginger Kid’s positioning set up big hits by Anna Wrecks’Ya to shut out Twisted Scizzors. V-Diva then had some fun with Claire D. Way, playing jammer-on-jammer until her Team USA teammate looked away. V-Diva dashed through the pack for a quick 4-0. It was a welcome sight to see Dutchland having fun on the track as V-Diva and Ivanna Shankabitch had a good time racing and jostling one another around the track, their love of derby shining. Boston went on a 19-5 run to end the game with smiles all around for a well-played bout and a final of 213-90.

With a 2-2 weekend (losses to Charm City and London along with a win over Maine) Boston ends up in 7th place for the tournament, one spot lower than their initial seeding of 6. Dutchland ends in the same spot they came in at 8 — their weekend record was 1-3 with a win over Maine, a loss by forfeit to 1E Gotham, and losses to 5E Montreal and Boston.

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