ECDX: Rose City Stops Philly, 131-53


FEASTERVILLE, PA — Rose City (#5 DNN, #4 West WFTDA) became the first team to take down Philly (#7 DNN, #2 East WFTDA) during an ECDX event in Friday’s marquee game. Philly came into the bout with an 8-0 lifetime record at their venerable tournament and kept it close for the first 20 minutes, but was on the wrong side of a halftime-spanning, 23-minute-long shutout. Rose City dropped 68 unanswered points during that run to establish a dominating 105-36 margin three-fourths of the way through the bout, and although Philly played a reasonably even last 15 minutes, there was no coming back from that streak; Rose won 131-53.

As had happened in the Friday night bout between Gotham and Rose City, most of the jams started with one of the teams taking a knee start to force an immediate pack start. Neither team was able to establish a real advantage through the first few jams, though, with all of the first six jams of the game going for fewer than 4 points for either team. After the opening ten minutes, Rose City was claiming the majority of the lead jammer calls but only had a gossamer-thin 12-7 lead.

Rose City’s Scratcher In the Eye got lead there but was boxed during her first scoring pass; Philly took an even less substantial lead following a 10-6 jam, up 17-16 with 18:24 showing on a stopped clock — oddly enough, the clock remained stopped through the following 0-0, leading to a referee timeout to rectify the situation. That lead once again only lasted two jams before Rose City tied the game at 19 with 15 minutes left in the half and then moved ahead 24-19; Rose City got their first big jam of the night when White Flight dropped a nearly untouched 10-0 to make it 34-19 with 12:22 in the half.

It was 34-23 Rose City with 10:55 when Philly got a powerjam and Shenita Stretcher converted with an impressive 10-3 marked by an athletic jump to dodge what would have been a crushing hit from Mercy; that got Philly back within single digits at 37-33 with 8:40 on a Rose City timeout. However, Rose apparently used the timeout well, picking up almost every lead jammer status and putting up 20 unanswered points to end the half at 57-33 Rose City.

After the break, it turned out that Philly’s scoring drought was not as temporary as it first seemed; Philly didn’t score a single point for the first 15 minutes of the second half, while Rose City expanded their advantage all the way to 105-33 before Philly finally got on the board with a 3-0. With 14 minutes showing on the clock, it was 105-36 Rose City; from that point on, Philly managed to start generating offense to close the final stretch at 26-17 favoring Rose, but that still left Rose City claiming a 78 point victory at 131-58.

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