ECDX: Gotham Trounces Philly, 267-34


FEASTERVILLE, PA — Gotham (#3 DNN, #1 East WFTDA) put up yet another enormous win over regional competition, severely pounding Philly (#7 DNN, #2 East WFTDA) to leave event hosts Philly with a winless ECDX for the first time. Philly only scored on 7 jams in the entire game and took their biggest loss ever to Gotham by a final of 267-34.

Gotham once again elected to start jams instantly by starting their blockers on a knee, and their pack work was giving Philly jammers a very tough time. Gotham was up 14-0 after two jams, and then the third jam began with the entire pack lining up very close to the jammer and then spending the entire 2 minutes of the jam changing position but never crossing the pivot line, meaning the jammers never were released in the 0-0.

The next four jams all began with the teams lining up right in front of the jammers, but this time with the teams taking a knee to force immediate jam starts; every time, though, it was the Gotham jammer getting out first and putting up a single scoring pass before blanking Philly. Ten minutes into the game, Gotham was up 31-0.

Gotham’s focus on owning the back of the pack from the beginning created an interesting dynamic at the end of jams, as both rushed from their benches to the jammer line to take the closer position. Philly finally picked up their first point at about the 19 minute mark to make it 31-1, but it wasn’t until 15 minutes were gone in the bout that they got their jammer through a full scoring pass in a 4-3 win for Shenita Stretcher over Hyper Lynx.

The score there was 39-5, but Gotham dropped a massive jam for Bonnie Thunders as Donna Matrix, Sweet Sherry Pie and B.Zerk were all over Persephone; Bonnie went 23-0 before picking up a low block major; Gotham was up 62-5 going into a Philly powerjam. That one was marked by extremely effective back of pack work from Gotham blocker Sexy Slaydie, repeatedly knocking Philly’s jammer out of bounds and then tightrope-walking to barely stay in bounds herself. Philly apparently lost an opportunity to blank Gotham on the jam by not calling it though, and it went 10-7 Gotham when Bonnie came out of the box, putting Gotham up 75-12.

Gotham’s total hit triple digits with 4 minutes left in the first half at 107-12, and their lead followed suit immediately afterwards a on 15-0 for Bonnie Thunders that made it 121-12. After another extremely delayed jammer start that ate a minute of clock time, Suzy Hotrod sent Gotham into the half with a dominating 136-12 advantage.

A 48-0 Gotham run in the first 9 minutes of the second half moved the score all the way to 184-12 before Philly finally had a couple of jams to excite the crowd – a 3-0 and then a big 15-0 powerjam for Teflon, which was exactly as many points as Philly had scored in the first 40 minutes in the game. That didn’t presage any sort of comeback, though, as Philly only picked up 4 more points in the half as Gotham racked up 83 for a 233-point victory.

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