ECDX: Boston Survives Dutchland, 142-104


FEASTERVILLE, PA — This match between Eastern region rivals was almost perfectly matched for 55 minutes — but a huge points explosion in the first 5 minutes of the second half proved to be all the cushion Boston (#19 DNN, #4 WFTDA East) needed to hold off Dutchland (#20 DNN, #8 WFTDA East). The 32 unanswered points that Boston scored to open the second half accounted for the great majority of their 38-point margin of victory, 142-104.

Dutchland got on the board first with a 3-0, but Boston put on a very effective trap when Dutchland’s jammer White Thrash was boxed on jam 3; Boston’s Lil’ Paine got her team a 10-0. Dutchland returned the favor on the next jam when Claire D. Way back-blocked her way into the box — Dutchland’s Twisted Scizzors picked up 8 before the jam ended on a frightening collision between Scizzors and Boston blocker Etta Maims, who momentarily seemed badly injured but was able to skate off under her own power. That jam put Dutchland up 11-10 with about 23 minutes left in the first.

Boston gave up another big powerjam a few jams later, a 18-0 that gave Dutchland the first solid cushion of the game at 37-14. However, they needed that cushion immediately, as Boston’s Sugar Hits had a powerjam of their own over DDR’s Ruthless Ness and made the score 41-31 Dutchland with about 15 minutes left in the half. Nash Villain took a 2-0 to answer, but was hit with a major just as she successfully called the jam, giving Sugar Hits another chance to run rampant unopposed. Boston closed the gap to 49-45 on that one, and Claire D. Way put Boston back in front with a graceful 9-0. With 11:30 to play, Boston was up 54-49.

The teams traded 5-0 jams next, leading to a 59-54 Boston advantage with 9 minutes left in the half, but Boston got another 9-0 contribution from Claire D. Way to establish their largest lead of the game at 68-54 with 7:32 showing.

Dutchland jammer Twisted Scizzors had a crowd-pleasing apex jam to get lead next while Boston’s Lil’ Paine was taking a beating. Anna Wrecks’Ya, Etta Mains and Anita Bangher did an effective job of holding Scizzors for a while, but with Paine badly stuck, it eventually turned into a 7-0 win for Dutchland and a 68-61 Boston lead as the clock ticked into the last 5 minutes of the half. Things stayed about even for the remainder of the half, which closed at 74-65 Boston.

Boston came out of the half taking repeated knee starts to force instant pack starts, apparently eager to deny Dutchland the chance to start walled up in the pack. Everything went Boston’s way on the second jam of the half, as Dutchland completely filled their penalty box and the two remaining Dutchland blockers kept getting caught out of play chasing down Sugar Hits. It was a 24-0 that dramatically changed the complexion of the game; when Boston added back to back 4-0 wins to follow up, what had been a single-digit nailbiter for the first 30 minutes was suddenly a 106-65 lead for Boston just 5 minutes into the second half.

Dutchland’s Skid Ho finally got DDR back on the board with a 4-0 as Twisted Scizzors and Renegade Raven locked down on Boston’s jammer. They had a big opportunity on the next jam when Boston jammer Sugar Hits was given a major for blocking with the head, but it dissipated without too much damage to Boston as Scizzors only got 4 points before trading 4th minors with Hits. After it was all over, Boston was still up 107-73 with about 19:30 left in the game.

Things were nearly perfectly even for the next few jams — 2-0 Boston, 2-0 Boston, 2-0 Dutchland, 0-0, 4-0 Boston and 4-0 Dutchland. WIth 12:20 to play, Dutchland was still just barely out of striking range at 115-78, but they suffered a doubly tough break when Twisted Scizzors was boxed and then missed the penalty box on her first attempt to enter. Luckily for Dutchland, Claire D Way also went to the box, cutting the track in some apparent confusion as to whether opponents were out of play and Boston only got a 7-5 win out of what could have been big trouble.

But with the score 122-83 and the game entering its last 10 minutes, Dutchland was running out of time. Sugar Hits made things a little bleaker for Dutchland with a 10-0, and Boston’s lead passed 50 for the first time in the game on the next jam — 134-83 with 6:49 on the clock. Dutchland’s last, best chance passed when Boston jammer Claire D. Way was boxed on her opening pass but Dutchland’s Twisted Scizzors followed her in before scoring any points. It ended up going 9-8 for Dutchland, but it killed a lot of clock that Dutchland needed. Although Dutchland was able to narrow the 142-92 gap with some judicious timeout use to squeeze three consecutive 4-0 jams out at the end, there wasn’t enough time to make up the gap, and Boston took a 142-104 victory.

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