ECDX 2013: Gotham Sweats Atlanta, 309-88


FEASTERVILLE, PA–Atlanta squared off against Gotham at ECDX and while the winner was consistent with the rankings, the 309 to 88 final was closer than some may have expected. Atlanta came out playing hard and kept up the assault for the full 60 minutes, but just couldn’t make it happen. They lost the jammer penalty battle with 11 to Gotham’s 4 and the game, 309 to 88.

Gotham took the first half, hands-down, but Atlanta made it clear from the first moment that they were not going to make it easy Atlanta’s Jammunition took the star to start the game, opposite the nigh unstoppable Bonnie Thunders. Nigh unstoppable, but not unstoppable as a vigorous Atlanta pack adhered themselves to her. The first penalty of the game was a result of that zeal as Agent Maulder went out for a multiplayer block 10 seconds into the game. Jammunition made the most of the time that bought and, after 40 brutal seconds, emerged from the pack with the first lead of the night. She picked up three points and called it off, taking the lead 3-0.

They lost that lead in the next jam to Suzy Hotrod with a 4-0 jam. It looked like they were about to take it back in the third jam with Hollicidal getting lead over Bonnie Thunders. Sadly she was called on a track cut during her scoring pass and Thunders ripped around the track, picking up 20 before her return. 24-7, Gotham.

After a 4-0 jam by Vicious van GoGo, Belle of the Brawl picked up Atlanta’s next points, getting three in the face of a Suzy Hotrod lead. Hotrod picked 8, herself, in that jam ending it 37-10 Gotham.

Bonnie Thunders ran away with a 25 point power jam, followed by what looked to be a big opportunity for Atlanta. Claire D Way went off for a track cut, but Atlanta’s Bruze Orman went out for the same after picking up 4. Claire came back out to grab 10 more. This kicked off a 43-point Gotham run over the next 4 jams that ended with the score at 105-14 in Gotham’s favor.

With 13 minutes left in the half, Atlanta saw another ray of hope with Belle of the Brawl going 4-0 over Bonnie Thunders. Bruze Orman followed that one with a 10 point power jam. The tides turned back right after, though, with Switchblade Susie cutting track almost immediately, attempting to gain lead over Claire D Way, still in the penalty box.

Gotham put up 43 more until about five and a half minutes remained in the period, at which point a thoroughly telegraphed apex jump by Bonnie Thunders was brutally interrupted mid-air by Atlanta captain Wild Cherri. True to form, Thunders cycled back ad continued putting on points in the face of some very strong Atlanta defense. Gotham’s scoring went unanswered, however, until the last jam of the half, with Jammunition picking up 4 over Suzy Hotrod. 158-32 Gotham at the half.

Gotham came out strong in the second half, holding Atlanta dry until they took a time out at 25:29 remaining. A 3-3 jam between Vicious Van GoGo and Hollicidal followed that one, before Jammunition and Belle of the Brawl took over and scored on Gotham to bring the game 188-41.

Gotham answered with a vengeance, though, holding Atlanta scoreless for the next 4 jams and running the score up 235-41. Atlanta’s next big break came about halfway through with Hollicidal turning a rare Bonnie Thuners Track Cut into 25 points, Atlanta’s largest single jam of the game. It narrowed the margin, but the game stood at 245-66 Gotham.

Following the pattern of the first half, however, Gotham came back for blood and held Atlanta without a point for close to 12 minutes. A 4-2 pack in Atlanta’s favor helped Bruze Orman make 18 points off a power jam. Jammunition managed 4 in the next and last jam of the night, but went off for a Low Block, leaving the game over and Gotham victors with a 309-88 margin.

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