ECDX 2013: Atlanta Denies Charm, 193-150


FEASTERVILLE, PA–Atlanta and Charm City were on the receiving end of rather different defeats on Saturday at ECDX, and both teams started hard looking for a win. While Charm City kept it close for much of the bout, they were again killed by a chain of jammer penalties–and Atlanta finished comfortable 193-150 winners.

A 4-0 Jammunition gave Atlanta a lead, but it lasted under a minute. O’Chit tangled with Belle of the Brawl in jam two to send the Atlanta jammer to the box on a low block and Holly GoHardly gave Charm a 15-4 lead before Queen Loseyateefa forced a cut to release Belle.

Holly was boxed on another cut during her initial pass moments after she was released. Holly finally got out in jam four and passed the star to IM Pain–but by that point 42 points had gone up without reply for Atlanta.

Just Carol and Pain had put up nine when Belle was boxed again. Pain added 20 before Belle was released and 3 more once she was out to make the lead Charm’s, 47-46. Jean-Juke Picard put Atlanta back in front as Wild Cherri marshalled Atlanta’s walls front and back to both hold Nuckin’ Futz and repeatedly clear an outside lane for Picard to sweep through. A low block on Picard arrested her scoring–but Futz was held for the duration of the jam regardless and Picard won the jam 15-0 despite ending it sat in the penalty box.

Atlanta had no such luck with IM Pain. She put up an 18-0 for another lead change. Charm’s lead was 9 when Holly Gohardly returned with the star for the first time since her disastrous opening–but she got three points without incident to give Charm a double-digit lead.

Pain busted past Alassin Sane on the inside to make the lead a bout-high 16 for Charm. The lead had been pushed to 18 when Futz lined up and passed the star over the pack. Hollicdial was called lead seconds later but boxed on a cut before she could call it off.

But after Hollicidal had returned from her cut penalty Holly got one of her own. Charm City’s Lady Quebeaum and Pain killed the penalty with aplomb next time out, though, and Charm kept Atlanta just far enough away. Charm City took a 15-point lead into half time.

The teams traded 4-0 jams to open the second period before Jammunition put up a 9-0 as Futz was controlled by Cherri. The Charm lead was cut to two before Agent Maulder held Holly long enough for Jammunition to nudge Atlanta into a 121-114 lead with five gone in the half.

Atlanta nickel-and-dimed themselves into a 28-point lead as they held Charm scoreless for eight long minutes. Five points for Pain broke the drought, but a major cut on Futz let Belle in for a 15-0, then handed Jammunition a massive jam to make it 178-119 with 13 minutes to go and Charm suddenly looking a very long way from victory.

Repeated scoring jams for Pain showed them the way as both teams filled the box, but the clocked ticked down without the big jam Charm needed materialising. Holly put points up too, but Charm were still 53 behind going into the final five minutes. Atlanta played it safe and let repeated 4-0 jams go in the closing stages, letting lead calls go but keeping pack speeds up and seeing their jammers out before Holly or Pain could get back round.

It fell to Futz to take the star for the final time for Charm City, with a 43-0 again needed to force overtime. She called it without scoring after the period clock expired, and Atlanta finished 193-150 winners.

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