ECDX: (5) Texas Hammers (19) Montreal, 197-55


FEASTERVILLE, PA — In the Friday-night WFTDA bout that kicked off Philly’s sixth annual East Coast Derby Extravaganza, Texas (5 DNN, 1SC WFTDA) defeated Montreal (19 DNN, 6E WFTDA) 197-55, using a mix of physical jammer play and very effective control over pack definition to claim victory. Particularly strong work in the pack from Smarty Pants and Polly Gone, both of whom consistently used the boundary lines to frustrate the Montreal jammer attack, was a key element of the Texas win.

After a 0-0 opener, there was early bad news for Montreal as they lost jammer Apocalipstix on jam 2; Texas went to no-engagement offense and allowed Vicious Van Go Go to pick up a 19-0 to start the game’s scoring. Quick 4-0 and 3-0 followups had Texas up 26-0 five minutes into the game.

Montreal took lead on the next two jams, but had to call at 0-0 in both situations. They finally got on the board about eight minutes in, but it was just a 1-0 against strong speed control from Texas; when Vicious Van Go-Go answered with 4-0, Montreal called their first timeout with the score 30-1 Texas and 20:51 left in the first half.

The timeout seemed to work as Montreal finally got their first full scoring pass on a 4-0 to Ti-Loup after the stoppage; Montreal caught an odd break next as Texas jammer Vicious Van Go Go took 4 but waited until Tush finished her pass to call it at 4-4. It was 34-10 with 17:30 in the half, but when Montreal lost jammer Ti-Loup on the followup, Olivia Shootin’ John claimed the half’s biggest jam with 24-0. That left the score at 58-10 Texas after about 15 minutes.

Montreal got some much-needed power jam time when Smarty Pants was boxed as Texas jammer in consecutive jams; that sequence went 3-0 Texas, 17-0 Montreal and 5-0 Montreal. The underdogs suddenly had a little life and the crowd perked up a bit with the score 61-32.

But that was the high-water mark for Montreal. Two jams later, Texas’ OSJ had a huge-advantage jam as Montreal completely filled their box; Jess Bandit and and Mange Moi El Cul managed to get a few hits in on OSJ but it was still a momentum-quashing 20-0 that moved the Texas lead to 85-35 with 4:06 in the half, and Vicious Van Go-Go piled on with 8-0 on the other side of the power jam.

Even when Montreal got lead, they couldn’t convert for much on a 0-0, 0-0, 4-0 sequence just before the end of the half, and the half ended with Smarty Pants getting all those jams back with a 4-0 of her own. At the break, Texas led 97-39.

Texas had a big statement jam on the second frame on the second half, severely battering Montreal Lil’ Mama for a solid minute during a 10-0 for Killbox and moving the score to 111-39. Montreal finally picked up lead and got on the board about 6 minutes into the half on a Greta Bobo 5-0, but Texas had a very comfortable lead at 117-44.

The story of the second half wasn’t much different from that of the first on the scoreboard. Although both teams managed to keep their jammers out of the penalty box for the first 25 minutes of the half, Texas defense began to severely tire Montreal jammers — particularly from Polly Gone, who wound up for a lot of big hits in the corners that occasionally whiffed but more often made painful contact. As the clock ticked into the last ten minutes of the game, Texas led 141-52 and clearly tired Montreal jammers were occasionally forced to call with lead as the fresher Texas jammers passed them on the first scoring approach.

Texas’ point total ballooned in the last 5 minutes with the help of Montreal putting three players in the box and momentarily getting reduced to just one on the track — back to back power jams went 19-0 and 14-0 Texas to put the score at 184-52. Three jams later, Texas had the win at 197-55, having outscored Montreal 100-14 in the second half.

Both teams have one more game on the weekend — Montreal plays Charm City (14 DNN, 3E WFTDA) in a key East Region matchup at 6:30pm Eastern, while Texas plays Philly (11 DNN, 2E WFTDA) immediately following that game at 7:30pm Eastern.

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