Dust Devil, Day 1 – The Qualifiers

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TUCSON – Is there any such thing as too much roller derby? If there was, I
would have found out today. But apparently there’s no such thing, because
I watched 400 minutes today and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

The scene at Bladeworld today was nothing short of amazing. I’m so exhausted
I won’t come close to posting everything I took note of, but I wanted to be
sure to get the scores up for those of you who couldn’t be here. Yes, you’re
missing out. Yes, people like me will rub it in your face forever. We don’t
care if you have a job or kids or whatevah, suckaz.

One thing I want to be sure to mention is that there was not a single fight
all day long. I find that amazing considering we saw 40 bouts between 20 teams,
none of whom were willing to give up a single point. It just goes to show, you
only hurt the ones you love.

The other thing I just gotta say is that there have been countless ref foul-ups
today. I know they’re doing there best, blah blah, but I’m not going to cut them
any slack. They’re not here to be nice, there here to be right, as the t-shirt
says, and there has been much wrongness. The ref teams are made up of various
refs from leagues around the country who clearly have not worked together before
and who are not used to the new WFTDA rules. The solution? I dunno. That’s not
my job. I just complain. But when Tucson can skate an ENTIRE jam with 5 girls
in the pack instead of 4, and no ref notices it, something is very wrong.

Ok, enough yammering. I need to sleep so I can experience the whole hellish
thing again tomorrow, complete with 60 minute bouts.

Here are the scores. These are not leadjammer.com scores. These are the official
scoresheets that were posted after the pools. Click to enlarge. Duh.

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Pool 4

Final seedings for the first round:

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