Dunedin Derby rescinds NZRDA membership

To our fans, fellow skaters and officials nationally and internationally, sponsors and supporters. You may have seen some of the publicity currently surrounding the New Zealand Roller Derby Association (NZRDA) and statements recently made by the Head Coach of Team New Zealand Roller Derby, Stacey Roper.


We would like to inform you that Dunedin Derby has now unanimously voted to leave NZRDA and have rescinded our membership for the following reasons:


• the lack of disciplinary action in regards to Stacey Roper’s comments made on October 10th which Dunedin Derby believe are in breach of human rights
• NZRDA’s untimely and ineffective response to Marcia Taylor’s open letter dated October 15th
• allowing New Zealand derby to be brought into international disrepute
• lack of transparency around processes and procedures
• a lack of faith that the NZRDA will be able to meet their stated purposes (as per their Rules of Society 2013)


Dunedin Derby is an inclusive and empowering community and we feel the NZRDA does not reflect or uphold our values.


As a professional organisation we are proud to stand up firmly for our beliefs and values, and we value your support as we move forward and continue to promote and strengthen the good reputation of our league, fair competition and good sportsmanship.


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