Double Crossers get first win of 2015 in dramatic fashion

XX-MA-IKC-1 The Double Crossers got their first win of 2015 Saturday night, outlasting the Manic Attackers, to whom they lost back in February, to take third place.

The silent assassins came out of the gate swinging. Lucy Wreckardo took the jammer line for the Double Crossers in the first jam, facing off against the Manics' Jan Trainor. Trainor quickly went to the box for a track cut, giving the Double Crossers a power jam. A slow pack allowed Lucy Wreckardo to score 19 and solid blocking kept Trainor from scoring after being released.

A couple quick, low-scoring jams by Bork Bork Bork and Mia Go Hamm got the Manic Attackers within 10 points. But in jam 5, Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis took lead jammer for the Double Crossers. When Bork Bork Bork went to the penalty box for a back block, Simonis was able to power through for several scoring passes. When the dust settled, the Double Crossers were up 41-13.

But in the very next jam, it was the Manic Attackers' turn to take advantage of a power jam. Mia Go Hamm lined up against the Double Crossers' Claire Lee Dangerous, but almost immediately after the whistle blew, Claire was called for a forearm penalty. Mia Go Hamm took full advantage, scoring 29 and bringing the Crossers' lead down to 9, 41-32.

The Manic Attackers held the Double Crossers scoreless through the next six jams, eventually extending their lead to 35, 76-41. It was Lucy Wreckardo who broke the scoring drought for the Double Crossers when she scored 12 in jam 12. Simonis nearly tied the game in the next jam when she scored 21. When the jam ended, the Double Crossers were only down by two, 76-74.

The lead would change several times as the first half wore on. Toward the end of the half, the Manics built their lead up to 24 and took a 139-115 advantage into the locker room.

XX-MA-IKC-2The Double Crossers stared the second half looking like they were on a mission, slowly chipping away at the Manic Attackers' lead. After three jams, the Double Crossers had narrowed the Manics' lead to 13, 151-138. In jam 4, Lucy Wreckardo lined up against Bork Bork Bork. Both jammers hit the pack hard when the whistle blew, but Simonis put a huge hit on Bork to recycle her to the back of the pack, allowing Lucy Wreckardo to get out ahead. Bork wasn't able to score, but Lucy Wreckardo scored 17 to put the Double Crossers back on top 155-151 with 23:50 to play.

Quick, low-scoring jams dominated the next 7 1/2 minutes. With 16:20 to play, the Double Crossers were on top by 2, 172-170. The Crossers were able to build their lead to 19 on the heels of quick scoring passes by Simonis, Claire Lee Dangerous and Lucy Wreckardo in jams 11, 12 and 13, respectively.

But the Manic Attackers, who had tied the game at 190 with 8:20 left, weren't done. Mia Go Hamm took lead jammer in jam 17 and put the Manics back on top 195-191. In Jam 18, Trainor got lead jammer for the Manic Attackers and Simonis, jamming for the Double Crossers, was getting bounced around by the Manics' blockers. With 5:44 left in the game, the Manic Attackers had a 205-191 lead.

The Manic Attackers still had a six-point lead, 216-210, with 90 seconds to play. But with Mia Go Hamm in the penalty box to start jam 22, Simonis was able to make two quick scoring passes before calling off the jam with 47 seconds left and putting the Double Crossers on top 220-218.

The Double Crossers were still holding onto that two-point lead when the final whistle blew, giving them a 220-218 victory.

Lucy Wreckardo took player of the game honors.


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