Detroit 124, Charm City 107


East Coast Extravaganza, Philadelphia

Detroit 124, Charm City 107

Just one day after holding back a determined assault from the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls at Philly’s East Coast Derby Extravaganza, the Mobtown Maulers found themselves on the opposite end of a very similar game, falling 124-107 to the Detroit Derby Girls. Detroit had also played on the ECE’s opening day, going down 192-49 against the Carolina Roller Girls. The Maulers both gained and lost a player from the previous day’s matchup against Grand Raggidy — key jammer Betty Beatdown made it into town, but key blocker Sizzle-Leen was ill and unable to play.

The Maulers got a tough break right off the bat in the very first jam, when leadoff jammer Buzz Kill was incorrectly set to the penalty box after picking up lead jammer status — with Buzz out for a lap, Detroit’s Honey Suckit was able to pick up some points before the error was corrected and Buzz Kill was released from the penalty box in time to call off a 7-4 jam for Detroit. The Maulers didn’t let it get to them, though, and took the lead back on the second jam, with Betty Beatdown taking a 4-0 jam over Cat’s Meow to make the score Charm City 8, Detroit 7. While the Maulers took lead jammer status on the first five jams of the bout, they weren’t able to fully capitalize on it. They were only up by only 1 point by Jam 6, where Honey Suckit finally got a lead jam for Detroit and converted it into a 3-0 jam over CCRG’s Betty Beatdown to make it Charm City 20, Detroit 19. On the next jam, Detroit’s Killbox gave the girls from Detroit a very small lead with a 5-3 jam over Joy Collision that brought the score to Detroit 24, Charm City 23 with about 9 minutes to go in the period, but Charm City put together an 8-0 run over the next three jams to regain the lead at 31-24. The teams finished off the last few minutes of the first period nearly even, and it closed with Charm City enjoying a small advantage over Detroit, 39-33.

The second period was much rougher for the Baltimore squad. The first rumble of trouble came on the third jam of the period, when Detroit’s Vega Vendetta swept through the Maulers defense nearly untouched for a big 11-4 jam over Joy Collision that narrowed the score to Charm City 51, Detroit 48. Killbox inched Detroit one point closer with a 3-2 jam over Pistol Whip, and then the Maulers defense suffered a near-complete collapse that they’d spend the rest of the bout trying to recover from. On the next four jams, the Detroit jammers got lead jammer status each time and their defense shut out the Maulers on three of those four. After that resulting 25-3 run, the Maulers suddenly found themselves on the verge of being blown out of a game they’d been controlling, looking up at Detroit from a 75-56 hole. However, Maulers jammers Buzz Kill, Joy Collision and Betty Beatdown combined to put the brakes on just in time, taking lead jammer status of each of the last three jams of the period and putting together a 15-4 Baltimore rally that made the score Detroit 79, Charm City 71 going into the third period.

The teams continued to trade victories for the first three jams of the third period, but Detroit took a commanding 96-74 lead on the fourth jam of the period when Killbox took full advantage of a Pistol Whip trip to the penalty box, putting up a 11-0 jam that left Baltimore at its biggest deficit of the game at 22 points and momentarily quieted the raucous Maulers fans for the first time all bout. Still, though, Charm City wasn’t quite done, chipping away at the Detroit lead over the next four jams. With about seven minutes left to play, Joy Collision won a 11-7 jam over Rock Candy that made the score Detroit 107, Charm City 91, and with Detroit’s next jammer Honey Suckit set to spend the first minute of the following jam in the penalty box, the Maulers had a crucial power-play opportunity to pull within striking distance. Unfortunately for the Maulers, absolutely nothing went their way in that jam — Buzz Kill went to the floor three times in her initial attempt to break the pack, and Honey Suckit burst out of the penalty box to steal lead jammer status over a full minute into the jam, managing to score a 6-2 victory that moved the score to Detroit 113, Charm City 93 and all but sealed up the Detroit victory. Joy Collision wouldn’t let the Maulers go quietly, scoring a 5-0 jam over Elle McFearsome on the next jam and battling to a 8-8 tie with Vega Vendetta on the bout’s final jam, but there wasn’t enough time for the Maulers to erase the deficit, with the final score standing at Detroit 124, Charm City 107 to let both teams end their ECE weekend with one win and one loss.

Leading scorer Honey Suckit led almost all jamming categories — putting up 45 points, an average of 5.6 points per jam, an impressive jammer point differential of +23, and a lead jammer percentage of 62%. The Maulers were led by Joy Collision, who was responsible for 44 points on 11 jams. Interestingly, the losing team actually took lead jammer as a team slightly more often than the winners, with the Maulers claiming lead jammer status 44 percent of the time to Detroit’s 42. There were five jams with no lead jammer.

The loss moved Charm City to 3-3 against WFTDA leagues, with wins against Dominion, Long Island and Grand Raggidy and losses to Philly, Carolina and Detroit. Detroit improved to 3-2 with wins over Charm City, Ohio, and Grand Raggidy and losses to Carolina and Sin City. The Maulers cap off their inaugural travel team season with a battle against Boston Derby Dames on Saturday, April 14th in Boston.

Bout recap written by CCRG Head Ref: Justice Feelgood Marshall.

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