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I found this on Justice Feelgood Marshall’s livejournal. Since it is my self-appointed duty to read and possibly link to every roller derby article I can find, I would die of alcohol poisoning after about 30 minutes of this game. I bet every article I’ve ever read meets at least three of these seven criteria…

I’m thinking of writing up rules for a drinking game to be played when one finds a mainstream-press article on flat track derby. Here’s what I’ve got off the top of my head:
+ Variation on the phrase “The names may be fake, but the action is real”
+ Variation on the phrase “This isn’t your mother’s roller derby”
+ Mention of Leo Seltzer
+ Mention of fishnets and/or tattoos
+ Variation on the phrase “[Accountant/Waitress/Hairdresser/Secretary] by day, rollergirl by night”
+ Use of the phrase “hell on wheels”
+ Mention of the fact that rollergirls enjoy beer

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