Derby Ink Final: Team Bionic Eclipses Team Rogue 197-21


With both teams assured of finishing in the money at the Derby Ink Invitational, all that was left to decide was who would get the bigger check at the end. Team Bionic pretty much settled that question in the women’s final against Team Rogue within the first few jams of the game.

By the time Rogue picked up their first points near the end of the 1st quarter, Bionic was already up 61-0 thanks to 15-point, 11-point, 10-point, and various minor jam wins by Bionic’s main jammer rotation of Bonnie Thunders, Stella Italiana and Rangeon. By the time Rogue started scoring a few after the start of the second—a 1-0 by Spry Icicle and a 2-0 by Bassler—Bionic started jamming other players deeper on their already deep bench, like DeRanged, Christy More Cowbell, and Tyra Shanks.

A lot of Bionic’s early dominance had to do with their strategy of packing the start line with as many blockers as they could, giving the Rogue pivot little opportunity to get into position. It was nearly impossible for Rogue to retake the front once Bionic got there, allowing their jammer corps to ring around the Rogue blockers, despite their best efforts to work through the steadfast Bionic front wall.

The second half began with Bionic leading 116-5, and Bionic loosened their grip on the front to allow players more room to move. Rogue took advantage of this with points in four-straight scoring jams, winning three of them, with Buster Skull, Nash Villain and Spry contributing to Rogue’s piggy bank. The 3rd quarter was their best, only losing it 29-11, but the 145-16 score going into the fourth told the whole story.

A few minor injuries suffered by both teams slowed the pace of the last quarter, and as both teams wound down to see the game through, Grim D Mise finished things off with a well-celebrated 3-0 jam for Team Rogue as the clock expired That gave Rouge a grand total of 21 points, well short of Bionic’s tournament-winning 197 points.

For their tournament victory, Team Bionic takes home $8,000. As runners-up, Team Rogue was awarded $2,000, and announced after the final that they would be donating half of their check to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for cancer research, who had been collecting donations throughout the weekend during the event.

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