Derby Ink Day One Round-up


Game 1/Men’s Game 1: Harm City 47, Vice Squad 39

Harm City got out to a quick lead and kept it for the entire game, holding a 10~15 point margin until the final whistle.

Game 2/Women’s Game 1: Team Bionic 55, Team Wolfpack 50

Both teams had a feeling out period with MADE rules and the way the game was officiated, but soon enough Bionic built up a 20 point lead. Wolfpack erased it with a 20 point jam, nearing the end of the game. Bionic pulled away in the final two jams to win it 55-50.

Game 3/Men’s Game 2: Derby Mercs 93, Penn Jersey Hooligans 14

The Mercenaries and Hooligans lived up to that billing, with a very heated and physical game that saw two ejections and a banked track that had a very hard time containing the players.

Quadzilla opened proceedings for the Mercs, winning a 4-3 jam after hitting the deck hard. B.Stang and Frank Notsohotra added a few more jam wins. The Hooligan’s Sik Boy scored 2 points coming back, but the Mercs continued to pour on the offense and defense, including a massive clearing block by Peter Pan on a 4-0 Derby Mercs jam win, to build up a 29-8 lead late in the first.

In the next jam, PJRD’s Yosemite Slam got slammed into the turn 4 so hard that the railing snapped in half. Slam took a few moments to skate it off, but it took more than a few moments for the officials to repair the railing. After an 18 minute delay, the rail was repaired and play resumed.

Quadzilla jammed his way into the penalty box, giving the Hooligans a free opportunity to get lead jammer. However, General Tso Fine couldn’t break free for Penn-Jersey and the Mercs didn’t allow any points for the full minute they were down the jammer. They parlayed this into a few more points to close out the half, leading 32-11 at the break.

The second half opened with the rails being tested for strength, as B.Stang, Peter Pan, and Wags all traded giving and taking rail shots with each other. Both sides were hitting hard, but only the Derby Mercs were putting points on the board, picking off full and partial passes uncontested. Eventually, a Sik Boy jammer penalty gave the Mercs the opportunity they were looking for, hitting a game-busting 12-0 jam to make the score 58-11.

The Hooligans hadn’t scored for 15 minutes, and their frustration was beginning to show with harder hits and sloppier play. This came to a head when Penn Jersey’s I Don’t Care Bear grabbed Quadzilla and dragged him to the ground. As the referees were in the process of ejecting I Don’t Care Bear, he and Quadzilla came together in a very tense moment that cleared both benches and nearly resulted in a fight between the sides. Quadzilla was also ejected after getting into an argument with officials about getting penalized, although the penalty came before he was taken down but couldn’t be communicated to him until after the altercation.

After everything settled down, the Derby Mercs continued to pull away comfortably. They eventually defeated the Hooligans 93-14. On Saturday, Penn Jersey plays Shove City, and the Derby Mercs will face the Vice Squad.

Game 4/Women’s Game 2: Team Rogue 100, MADE All-Stars 24

Though the MADE All-Stars are some of the group’s best players, they weren’t at 100% capacity during their opener against Rogue, with pre-event and early-game injuries knocking out their best jammers.

Both teams traded 2-1 jams to open the game, but then MADE’s Mos Deathly went down with a knee injury that limited her action for the rest of the contest. Team Rogue slowly began to build a lead after that, nabbing a deuce and then a 4-0 by Bassler. After the MADE All-Stars got hit with a 2 minute major penalty for having too many players on the track, Rogue scored 10 unanswered points during the ensuing power play putting them up 19-4 with 10 minutes left in the first half.

Team MADE finally put a point on the board by way of Misfortune Cookie after Rogue’s Buster Skull was called for illegal contact while jamming, though they still lost the jam 3-1. After another 4-0 for Rouge by Maine Roller Derby’s Grim D Mise, and a pivot penalty by MADE’s Tienty Deville, Bassler broke the scoreboard open with a huge 20-0 jam—so huge, they had to confirm it for sure with a quick check of the video during halftime.

The All-Stars finally got points back after a nice clearing block by Megalomaniac sprung Billy Rae Siren out for lead and a 2-1 jam win, with a half-ending 4-4 washout putting the halftime score at 59-11 in favor of Team Rogue.

Rouge continued to dominate throughout the rest of the game, not allowing the MADE All-Stars to get their jammer out first or allow their pivot to keep forward position. Even though the first six minutes of the second half ended equal at 10-10, it was all Rogue from there, eventually ending any hope of a comeback with a 14-0 by Buster Skull. Only allowing one MADE jam win the rest of the way, Nash Villain put the icing on the cake by picking up one point in the final jam of the game, accentuating a 100-24 Team Rogue victory.

On Saturday, Rogue faces off against hosts Love City, with the MADE All-Stars going up against Team Wolfpack.

Game 5/Men’s Game 3: Shove City 87, Harm City 33

Harm City went into their second game of the day with a win under their belts. However, they faced much stiffer competition in banked track regulars Shove City. The Philadelphia men jumped into action after Justice Feelgood Marshall got sent to the box with the star on the third jam of the game. This set up Shove’s Rollomite and The Hammer Jammer to build multiple passes in subsequent jams, getting them to a quick 17-2 lead after five minutes.

The next four minutes’ worth of jams were heavy on penalties and light on packs, allowing both players to easily send out a scoring player and making a safe scoring run unrealistic, keeping the score unchanged. Once the pack returned to full power, the teams traded jam wins, though the point differentials started to favor Shove City, winning a couple of 4-1 jams and picking up two or three points in jam losses.

With the first half winding down, play became more physical. Justice Feelgood Marshall wound up outside the track at turn 4 after taking a hard check and flipping over the rail. Harm’s Truth Hurts took exception to a late hit and/or inadvertent tangle-up after the whistle, which caused players from both teams and the referees to step in and calm tensions. Cooler heads prevailed, and after a few scoreless but intense jams to close the half, the score read 45-16 in favor of Shove City.

The second half started off promising for Harm City, with Justice picking up a quick and clean 3-0 jam win. But it was all Shove City after that, going on a 23-4 run over the next 10 minutes, not allowing the Harm City jammers to get out of the pack before their own jammer escaped for lead. Recognizing this, Harm switched pack tactics and started to go on counter-run, with Truth Hurts, Ogden Smash and JFM scoring 10 and giving up 2 over the following four jams.

But that was the best Harm could muster, as Ed McMayhem pulled a grand slam for Shove City and never looked back, eventually leading his team to a commanding 87-33 victory over Harm City.

The result puts Harm City at 1-1 during pool play. They’ll spend Saturday watching how the other men’s teams fare and then see if they make the semi-finals on Sunday. Shove City plays their crosstown rivals, the Penn Jersey Hooligans, later Saturday.

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